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Seggae is a fusion genre of sega, the traditional music of the Mascarene Islands, and reggae. Seggae is one of the most popular music genres in Mauritius.


It was invented in the mid 1980s by the Mauritian Rastafari singer Joseph Reginald Topize who was commonly known as Kaya, after a song title by Bob Marley. He campaigned for rights of the Mauritian Creole people.[1] Kaya died in prison in 1999.[1]

A popular Réunionese seggae musician is Baster.

List of popular Seggae musicians[edit]

    • Berger Agathe
    • Blakkayo
    • Bruno Raya
    • Caroline Jodun
    • Jahfazon ek Israelite
    • Jahmayka
    • Kaya
    • Linzy Bacbotte-Raya
    • Natir Samarel
    • Natty Gong
    • Natty Jah
    • Otentikk Street Brothers (OSB)
    • Racine Seggae (Renald Collet)
    • Racinetatane
    • Ras Do
    • Ras Mayul
    • Ras Minik
    • Ras Natty Baby
    • Ras Ninnin
    • Ras Poldo
    • Ras Tico
    • Ras Ti Lang
    • Ras Zwazo
    • Solda Kaz Bad
    • The Prophecy
    • Tian Corentin
    • Tikkenzo
    • Ton Vié


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