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Semi Permanent is a designer's event hosted by the brand-name Kinky. The first event was hosted in Sydney, Australia in 2003. They have hosted events throughout Australia and New Zealand, as well as international events in the United States, United Kingdom and China. They arrange new events throughout the world each year.[1]

Some of the executive attendants of the event have been Banksy,[2] Industrial Light & Magic, Ed Templeton, Wieden+Kennedy, Shepard Fairey, Jeffrey Deitch, and Paul Pope.

In 2013 Semi Permanent was part of the Vivid Ideas calendar.[3] They had presentations from Fancesco Zizola,[4] Brian Roettinger,[5] Numskull,[6] and many more.


The Semi Permanent office is located in Sydney, Australia.

Past speakers and artists (selection)[edit]


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