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Logo of Sendai Airport Transit
A SAT721 series train owned by SAT

Sendai Airport Transit Co., Ltd. (仙台空港鉄道 株式会社, Sendai Kūkō Tetsudō Kabushikigaisha, or, SAT) is a third-sector company in charge of constructing and running the Sendai Airport Line train service between Sendai Airport Station and Natori Station in Miyagi Prefecture, Japan.


The company was founded on April 7, 2000, and as of 2015 has capital of over seven billion yen.[1] The Sendai Airport Line opened on March 18, 2007, electrified at 20 kV AC.

Rolling stock[edit]

The company owns three two-car SAT721 series EMU trains (identical in design to the JR East E721-500 series sets)


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