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Port Liner
Portisland Line Logo.png
Port Liner Sannomiya Station02s3s2610.jpg
Sannomiya Station of Port Liner
TypeAutomated guideway transit
Kobe Airport
OpenedFebruary 5, 1981
OwnerKobe New Transit
Line length10.8 km (6.71 mi)
Route map
PortLiner Map.png

The Port Island Line (ポートアイランド線, Pōtoairando-sen), commonly known as Port Liner (ポートライナー, Pōtorainā) is an urban automated guideway transit (AGT) system in Kobe, Japan, operated by Kobe New Transit. Opened in 1981, the Port Liner was one of the world's first driverless urban transit systems, followed closely by the VAL system used on the Lille Metro, which opened in 1983.

The initial system linked Sannomiya Station, Kobe's main transit hub, to the man-made Port Island, covering a distance of 6.4 km with 9 stations. On February 2, 2006, the line was extended by 4.3 km to the new Kobe Airport, built on an artificial island near Port Island.


As the map indicates, the present system consists of one straight line, originating at Sannomiya Station and terminating at Kobe Airport Station, and a loop attached to the middle of the straight line. The stations on the former are numbered with prefix "P" and on the latter (except those shared with the former) are with prefix "PL".

Originally, before the 2006 extension to the airport, the loop section was single track and operated only counter-clockwise trains. Presently the main section between Sannomiya and the airport is entirely double track, but the remaining of the loop has not been rebuilt so that the three stations with PL prefix still serve only one way.


All stations are located in Chūō-ku, Kobe.

Station km
Double track section
P01 Sannomiya 0.0
P02 Bōeki Center 0.8
P03 Port Terminal 1.8
P04 Naka Kōen 2.8
P05 Minatojima 3.3
P06 Shimin Hiroba 3.8
P07 Iryō Center 4.6
P08 K Computer Mae 5.4
P09 Kobe Airport 8.2
Single Track Section
P06 Shimin-Hiroba 0.0
PL07 Minami Kōen 0.6
PL08 Naka Futō 1.2
PL09 Kita Futō 1.7
P04 Naka-Kōen 2.6

Minatojima Station, Iryō Center Station and K Computer Mae Stations were renamed on July 1, 2011, from Shimin Byōin Mae Station, Sentan Iryō Center Mae Station and Port Island Minami Station respectively.[1]

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