Seventh East Asia Summit

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Seventh East Asia Summit
Host country Cambodia
Date November 19–20, 2012
Cities Phnom Penh
Participants EAS

The Seventh East Asia Summit was held in Phnom Penh, Cambodia on 19–20 November 2012.[1] The East Asia Summit is an annual meeting of national leaders from the East Asian region and adjoining countries.

Attending delegations[edit]

The heads of state/heads of government of the eighteen countries were participated in the summit.


The ongoing tensions arising from the territorial disputes in the South China Sea and the disputes in the East China Sea (the Senkaku Islands/Diaoyu Islands) overshadowed the effort to advance the trade and economic arrangements between members of the Summit.[2]

Russian President Vladimir Putin did not attend and was represented by Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov. The other members' leaders attended.

The Chairman's statement[3] noted progress in the areas of environment and energy, education, finance, global health issues and pandemic diseases, natural disaster mitigation and ASEAN connectivity.