Shamsuddin Ahmad Shah

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Shamsuddin Ahmad Shah (reigned: 1433–1436) was a ruler of Bengal. He was the son and successor of Sultan Jalaluddin Muhammad Shah. After his father's death, he ascended the throne at the age of 14.[1]


Ahmad Shah ruled for only 3 years. His reign was marked with chaos and anarchy. According to Firishta, he followed the liberal policy of his father and was known for justice and charity.[2] During his reign there was an invasion by Ibrahim Shah Sharqi. Later Ahmad Shah was killed by two powerful nobles, Sadi Khan and Nasir Khan in 1436AD.[1] After his assassination, Sadi Khan and Nasir Khan fell out with each other and were overthrown one after another. A descendant of the Ilyas Shahi dynasty, ascended the throne under the title Nasiruddin Mahmud Shah in 1437.[2]

Palace of Raja Shamsuddin in Dinajpur Rajbari
Shamsuddin Ahmad Shah
House of Raja Ganesha
Preceded by
Jalaluddin Muhammad Shah
Ruler of Bengal
Succeeded by
Mahmud Shah I

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