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This article is about the writer and Marxist activist. For the Shia religious scholar, see Sibte Hasan.

Syed Sibt-e-Hasan (Urdu: سید سبط حسن) (July 31, 1916 – April 20, 1986) was an eminent scholar, journalist and activist of Pakistan. He is regarded as the pioneer of Socialism and Marxism in Pakistan, as well as the moving spirit behind the Progressive Writers Association.


Sibte Hasan was born on July 31, 1917 in Ambari Azamgarh Uttar Pradesh, India. He graduated from Aligarh Muslim University. For higher studies he went to Columbia University, USA. In 1942, Sibte Hasan joined the Communist Party of India. After partition of India, he migrated to Pakistan. He also served as editors of noted journals including; Naya Adab and Lail-o-Nehar. He died of a heart attack on April 20, 1986 in New Delhi while returning from a conference in India. He was buried in Karachi.


  • Musa se Marx tak
  • Shehr-e-Nigaraan
  • Mazi ke Mazar
  • Pakistan main Tehzeeb ka Irtaqa
  • Inqilaab-e-Iran
  • Naveed-e-Fikr
  • Afkaar-e-Taza
  • Adab aur Roshan Khayali
  • Sukhan dar Sukhan
  • The Battle of Ideas in Pakistan
  • Bhagat Singh Our Us Ky Sathi
  • Marx Our Mashriq

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