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Siemens (Pakistan) Engineering Company Limited
Traded asKSE: SIEM
IndustryEngineering industry
Area served
Key people
Bernhard Niessing
Helmut von Struve
Umer Jalil Anwer
ProductsCommunication systems, power generation technology, industrial and buildings automation, lighting, medical technology, railway vehicles, water treatment systems, home appliances, fire alarms, PLM software
ServicesBusiness services, financial engineering, project and construction management
RevenueIncrease138.3 million
Increase136.9 million
Number of employees

Siemens (Pakistan) Engineering Company Limited is an engineering conglomerate and financial services corporation headquartered in Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan.[2] It has multiple regional offices all over the country.

Active since 1947, Siemens Pakistan is one of the largest providers of engineering services and management in the country, with overseeing ongoing projects in healthcare, defence development, energy,[3] telecommunications, computer expansion and heavy construction management.[4]

When founded, Siemens Pakistan was originally focused on providing the network of communications, but its role in the energy sector has grown since 1987.[5] In 2011–12, Siemens Engineering generated its profit margin to ~138.3 million in its investments in the energy sector. Its original corporate programme is to provide engineering and technological solutions in energy, healthcare, infrastructure and construction industry.[6]

Energy sector[edit]

Healthcare sector[edit]

In August 2015, Siemens Pakistan decided to transfer its healthcare business sector to a private limited company headquartered in Lahore, Pakistan.[8][7]

Industry sector[edit]

Infrastructure and cities sector[edit]


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