Sonde language

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Native to Democratic Republic of the Congo
Native speakers
96,000 (2002)[1]
(including Sonde L.101 below)
Language codes
ISO 639-3 shc (includes Sonde L.101 below)
Glottolog sond1250[2]
(no distinct name known)
Native to Democratic Republic of Congo
Native speakers
(see above) 
Language codes
ISO 639-3 shc (included in Sonde H.321 above)
Glottolog sond1250[2]

Sonde is either of two Bantu languages of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Maho (2009) classifies Sonde–Kisoonde as closest to Suku, but lists an adjacent language also called Sonde as closer to Pende. These are not distinguished in Ethnologue or by ISO code.[3]


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