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The Soper River (Inuktitut: Kuujuaq[pronunciation?], meaning "the great river") (62°54′N 69°51′W / 62.9°N 69.85°W / 62.9; -69.85 (Soper River)Coordinates: 62°54′N 69°51′W / 62.9°N 69.85°W / 62.9; -69.85 (Soper River)) is a waterway on Baffin Island, Nunavut. The river flows over 100 km (62 mi) and then empties into Soper Lake and Pleasant Inlet. The Soper River was designated a Canadian Heritage River in 1992.[1]


The Soper River region's plants have not been studied or inventoried since the 1920s.[2][3] In June 2012, four Canadian botanists, from the National Herbarium of Canada travelled to the Soper River region to assess landforms and soil types, then catalogue plants and collect samples.[2][3] The expedition was part of a five-year project to record Arctic flora and improve the taxonomy of the Arctic ecology.[3][4]

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