Southampton Dock

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"Southampton Dock"
Song by Pink Floyd
from the album The Final Cut
Published Pink Floyd Music Publishers Ltd
Released 21 March 1983 (UK)
2 April 1983 (US)
Recorded July–December 1982
Genre Progressive rock, folk rock
Length 2:10
Label Harvest Records (UK)
Capitol Records (US)
Songwriter(s) Roger Waters
Producer(s) Roger Waters, James Guthrie and Michael Kamen

"Southampton Dock" is a song from Pink Floyd's 1983 album, The Final Cut.[1][2] In World War II, many soldiers departed from Southampton to fight against the Germans. In the eighties, Southampton was again used as a departure base, this time for the Falklands War. The song describes a woman who waves the soldiers "Goodbye again".

The song includes a snippet of the theme from the track "It's Never Too Late", a song originally written and recorded for The Wall but was cut before the final band production demo of August 12, 1979. "It's Never Too Late" was later reworked and the melody was incorporated into the second section of "Southampton Dock".[3]


In a review for The Final Cut, Patrick Schabe of PopMatters described "Southampton Dock" as an example of where the album works best, and described the song's imagery as "subtle, poetic, and effective."[4]




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