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Due to the lack of international recognition, Northern Cyprus is not a member of some international sporting bodies.

There are 29 sports federations in Northern Cyprus and 13,838 people registered in them as of 2008. Taekwondo-karate-aikido-kurash is the most popular sport with 6054 athletes. It is followed by association football (2240 athletes), shooting (1150 athletes) and hunting (1017 athletes).[1]

Some Northern Cyprus sport clubs participate in Turkey's sport leagues. For example: the Fast Break Sport Club, in Turkey's Men's Basketball Regional League; the Beşparmak Sport Club, in Turkey's Handball Premier League; and the Lefka European University, in Turkey's Table-tennis Super League. The record for swimming 75 km between Turkey and Northern Cyprus belongs to Turkish national Alper Sunaçoğlu (completed in 26 hours and 15 minutes).[2]

International participation and achievements[edit]




  • Billiards Federation of North Cyprus (BFNC) is a member of the European Pocket Billiard Federation (EPBF).[6] The national teams of Cyprus and Northern Cyprus played each other in an international sport tournament for the first time in the 2010 European billiards championships in Kielce, Poland.[7][8] The country, North Cyprus, is also a member of World Pool-Billiard Association (WPA) and Union Mondial de Billard.[9]
  • 2014 Dynamic Billard European Championships (with 32 participating countries) was hosted by Northern Cyprus.[10]


  • Bocce Federation of North Cyprus is a member of the International Bocce Association.


  • Bodybuilding and Fitness: 2010: Yakup Çavuşgil became World Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation (WBFF) champion in the championship in Canada.




  • EasyKart Federation of North Cyprus is a member of the International EasyKart Federation.[13] 2008: Zeka Özteknik became International Easykart champion in 125cc.[14]


  • Northern Cyprus is ranked 105th on the World Football Elo Ratings.[15]
  • In 1975, FIFA general-secretary Helmut Kaser granted permission for Cyprus Turkish Football Federation to play friendly internationals against FIFA countries, but not competitive games; this permission was abolished in 1983 when Northern Cyprus was declared.[16][17]
  • The Turkish Cypriot Football Federation administers a football league in Northern Cyprus.
  • Northern Cyprus is among the countries listed by the FIFA Working Committee on Small Nations.[18][19]
  • Northern Cyprus is a member of Confederation of Independent Football Associations (ConIFA).[20]
  • In September 2014, Demetris Vasiliou became the first Greek Cypriot football player to sign for a team in the Northern Cypriot league. He plays for Değirmenlik (team of Kythrea).[21][22] Greek Cypriot nationalists labelled him a "traitor" and surrounded his home, preventing him from attending his first match with the team.[23][24] Vasiliou said he received death threats. He also lost his job as youth coach of Omonia Aradippou.[25]
  • CONIFA Euro 2017 will be hosted by Northern Cyprus.[26]


  • FootballTennis Association of North Cyprus is a member of the Federation International FootballTennis Association.[27] Northern Cyprus placed 6th in the 9th World Footballtennis Championship[28]
  • The 2011 European FootballTennis Championship was hosted by Northern Cyprus.[29]
  • The 2014 World FootballTennis Championship was hosted by Northern Cyprus in 19–24 October.[30]


Northern Cyprus has golf fields with highest standards.[31]


Model Plane[edit]

  • Model Plane: North Cyprus participates F3J Eurotour league.[32] Eser Kismir became champion in Interglide F3J 2011.[33]



  • Oldest female paraglider record belongs to Peggy McAlpine from Northern Cyprus. She took to the sky at the age of 104 from a 2,400 ft peak.[34]


  • Shooting: TRNC Shooting Federation participated in Airgun Championships 2011 in Bisley, UK and the team became 2nd.[35]

Taekwon-do, Judo, Hapkido, Kickboxing, Budo Martialarts[edit]

  • Federation of North Cyprus is a member of Global Taekwon-do Federation (GTF).[36]
  • The 9th GTF World Championship in 2013 was hosted by North Cyprus.[37]
  • The headquarters of "Eurasia Taekwondo Federations Union" is in Kyrenia of Northern Cyprus.[38][39]
  • Judo, Hapkido and Kickboxing federation of Northern Cyprus became a member of International Sport Kickboxing Association (ISKA) in 2011.[40]
  • 14th Euro-Asia Taekwon-Do Championships and First World Budo Martialarts Championships will be organized in Northern Cyprus in 2014.[41]
  • Northern Cyprus participated to the World Kickboxing Championship organized by International Sport Kickboxing Association (ISKA) in 2015.[42]




The others[edit]

Northern Cyprus participated in the First World Children's Games in 2011.[46]

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