St Ives Gold Mine

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St Ives
St Ives Gold Mine is located in Australia
St Ives Gold Mine
St Ives Gold Mine
Location in Australia
StateWestern Australia
Coordinates31°23′S 121°48′E / 31.383°S 121.800°E / -31.383; 121.800Coordinates: 31°23′S 121°48′E / 31.383°S 121.800°E / -31.383; 121.800
Financial year2008-09
CompanyGold Fields Limited
Year of acquisitionNovember 2001

The St Ives Gold Mine is a gold mine located 20 km south-east of Kambalda, Western Australia. It is owned by the South African mining company Gold Fields.[1]

It is one of two mines the company operates in Australia, the other being the Agnew Gold Mine.

Ore is mined at St Ives in three under ground and four open pit operations.[2]


Gold mines in the Kalgoorlie region

St Ives is named after the prospector Pat Ives, who discovered what became the working of Ives Reward in 1919.[3]

The mine was purchased by Goldfields from WMC in late 2001.[4][5] The combined price for the two Australian operations Goldfields purchased, St Ives and Agnew, was US$180 million in cash and US$52 million in Gold Fields shares.

St Ives, as of 2009, employs 249 permanent staff and 926 contractors.[2]


Annual production of the mine:

Year Production Grade Cost per ounce
2000[4] 408,155 ounces 3.92 g/t
2001[4] 455,183 ounces 3.01 g/t
2002[4] 542,200 ounces 3.03 g/t A$ 295
2002-03[6] 513,000 ounces 2.9 g/t A$323
2003-04[6] 543,000 ounces 2.5 g/t A$416
2004-05[6] 527,000 ounces 2.6 g/t A$447
2005-06[2] 496,000 ounces 2.3 g/t A$453
2006-07[2] 487,000 ounces 2.2 g/t A$540
2007-08[2] 418,000 ounces 1.8 g/t A$649
2008-09[7] 428,300 ounces 1.8 g/t A$805



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