Mount Morgans Gold Mine

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Mount Morgans
Mount Morgans Gold Mine is located in Australia
Mount Morgans Gold Mine
Mount Morgans Gold Mine
Location in Australia
Location Laverton
State Western Australia
Country Australia
Coordinates 28°46′10″S 122°04′04″E / 28.76944°S 122.06778°E / -28.76944; 122.06778Coordinates: 28°46′10″S 122°04′04″E / 28.76944°S 122.06778°E / -28.76944; 122.06778
Financial year inactive
Company Dacian Gold Ltd
Website Dacian Gold
Year of acquisition 2012

The Mount Morgans Gold Mine is a gold mine located 37 km west-southwest of Laverton, Western Australia.

The Mt Morgans mine is owned and operated by Dacian Gold ltd, who acquired the project in 2012.[1]


Gold mines in the Leonora region.

Gold was discovered at Mount Morgans in 1896 and, up until 1952, 328,000 ounces of gold at 15 g/t were produced, mostly in underground mining at the Westralia deposit.[2] Alf Morgans, later to become Premier of Western Australia for just 32 days, was responsible for the development of the Mount Morgans mineral field.[3]

In a second activities period, from 1988 to 1997, the mine produced 917,000 ounces at 3.2 g/t, now mostly from open pit operations. Mining at Mount Morgans ceased in 1998.[2] The processing plant of the mine was later removed.

The current site, was originally owned by Plutonic Resources, a major Australian gold mining and exploration company.[4][5] Homestake Mining Company purchased Plutonic in April 1998 for more than $1.0 billion,[6] and, in turn, Homestake was acquiered by Barrick Gold at the end of 2001.[7] Barrick then sold the mine to Range River Gold in May 2009.[8]

After the purchase of the mine, Range River concentrated its efforts at the deposits of The Craic and Transvaal. Range River Gold went into voluntary administration in April 2011. The project was then purchased by a private entity from the administrators that listed as Dacian Gold Limited on the ASX in November 2012. Since 2012 Dacian Gold has identified a 1.2 million ounce reserve. First Gold production is scheduled for early 2018.



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