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For other uses, see Strathearn (disambiguation).
Map of Scotland showing the district of Strathearn

Strathearn or Strath Earn (/stræθˈɜːrn/, from Scottish Gaelic: Srath Èireann) is the strath of the River Earn, in Scotland.[1] It extends from Loch Earn in Perth and Kinross to the River Tay.

"Strathearn" or "Strathern" is also a surname in the United States and Northern Ireland, predominantly in the Bellaghy area of County Londonderry.

Royal dukedoms of Cumberland and Strathearn, of Kent and Strathearn and of Connaught and Strathearn have been awarded to members of the British Royal Family. Prince William was created Earl of Strathearn, as a subsidiary title to Duke of Cambridge, on 29 April 2011, the day of his wedding to Catherine Middleton.

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