Stuyvesant Plaza

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Stuyvesant Plaza
Location Guilderland, New York
Opening date 1959
Developer Lewis A. Swyer
Owner The Swyer Companies
No. of stores and services 65
Total retail floor area 240,000 sq ft (22,000 m2)
No. of floors 1

Stuyvesant Plaza is a major shopping plaza and office complex in the U.S. state of New York's Capital District. It is located in the town of Guilderland, on Western Avenue (US 20), near the south end of the Adirondack Northway, I-87 and the city of Albany. The shopping plaza opened in 1959,[1] making it the third oldest in the Capital Region, after Latham Corners Shopping Center (1957) Times Troy Record 10-09-1957 and Westgate Plaza.

The shopping portion in its current incarnation is a U-shaped strip mall featuring high-end boutique style stores. Unlike most strip malls, there is no major anchor. As of 1987, the plaza consisted of 240,000 square feet (22,000 m2).[2] The office complex includes high rises and a number of low rise buildings near the shopping center.


The plaza was built by Lewis A. Swyer and opened in 1959.[1] Initially, it had 18 stores, was 170,000 square feet (16,000 m2),[3] and was L-shaped. By 1960, it had 35 stores and was U shaped, as it is today.[4] Stuyvesant Plaza is on a 28-acre (11 ha) parcel.[3]


Stuyvesant Plaza opened on November 4, 1959 with ceremonies beginning at 10am.[3]


Stuyvesant Plaza and Executive Park office suites are owned by the Swyer Companies.[5]


As of 1987, the plaza consisted of 240,000 square feet (22,000 m2).[2]

Shopping Center Tenants[edit]

Over the years, tenants have included:

Tenant Name Date Opened
Flah's 1959 (original tenant) (14,700 sq. ft.)[1] (renamed to B. Foreman before December, 1986)[6]
Howard Johnson's 1959 (original tenant)[7]
Stuyvesant Plaza Barber Shop 1959 (original tenant - 900 sq. ft.) (plaza terminated lease effective April 15, 1995 to expand Bruegger's - plaza refused to allow shop to locate in another section of shopping center)[8]
Dad and Lad's 1959 (original tenant)[9]
ACME Supermarket 1959 (original tenant)[9]
Loft's Candies before February 12, 1960[10]
Western Auto before June 30, 1960[11]
Hammond Organ Studios of Albany before July 29, 1960[12]
Union Fern Showroom shortly before July 30, 1960[13]
Jug-O-Milk before September 15, 1960[14]
Hall Drug Corp. before March 9, 1962[15]
Ormond Shop before September 10, 1962[16]
W. M. Whitney & Co. October 22, 1964[17]
Golden Krust Bakery, Inc. before February 11, 1965[18]
Marcus Fabrics before February 19, 1965[19]
Lowe Bros. Paint Store before February 19, 1965[20]
Corbat's Shoes before September 18, 1966[21]
Miles Shoe before November 11, 1968[22]
McManus & Riley before November 22, 1970[23]
Richman's (card shop - later bought out Pearl Grant's to become Pearl Grant Richman's) approximately 1970[24]
Pearl Grant's (gift shop - later taken over by Richman's to become Pearl Grant Richman's) approximately 1970[24]
Central Markets before February 29, 1972[25]
Pearl Grant Richman's (replaced Richman's and Pearl Grant's) 1975 or earlier[24] (went from 8,000 sq. ft. to 15,000 sq. ft. in August, 1993)[26]
Grand Union before May 12, 1975[27][28] (20,000 sq. ft.) (closed this location in September, 1987)[29]
The Half-Size Shop before July 4, 1980[30]
Mrs. London's Bake Shop 1980 or earlier[31]
Record Town before June 17, 1981[32]
Denby's before September 30, 1981[33]
Andy's Sporting Goods 1982 (7,000 sq. ft.) (planned closing before Christmas, 1989)[34]
Crabtree & Evelyn 1984 or earlier[24] (expanded August, 1993)[26]
Plaza Sweets 1984 or earlier[24] (became part of Pearl Grant-Richman's store in August, 1993)[26]
Entre Nous (women's clothing) before 1984 (1,236 sq. ft., planned closing December 24, 1994)[35]
Hippo's Home Entertainment Center 1984 [36]
Wells and Coverly before January 7, 1986[37] (closed in early 1987)[38]
L'Ecole (restaurant, free-standing building) before 1986[39]
Posters Plus Galleries before January 7, 1986[40]
Londonderry before August 26, 1986[41]
Dandelion Green before September 7, 1986[42]
Lady Madonna before September 7, 1986[43]
Bruegger's before September 30, 1986[44]
Brooks Drugs before October 23, 1986[45]
Frivolous November, 1986[46]
Jean Paul Coiffures (hair salon) November, 1986[46]
Laura Taylor Ltd. November, 1986[46]
Shelly's Tall Fashions November, 1986[46] (closed February 18, 1988)[47]
Guess What? Ltd. (crafts store) before October 23, 1986[48]
B. Foreman (successor to Flah's -company purchased Flah's in 1984)[1] before December 24, 1986[6] (closed late January, 1990)[1]
Stuyvesant Liquors approximately 1987[7]
TGI Friday's before February 8, 1987[49]
French Boot Shop before April 5, 1987[50]
Edleez Tobacco before June 21, 1987[51]
Emil J. Nagengast Florist June 1, 1997[52]
Giggles before September 6, 1987[53] (closed December, 1991)[54]
Toys in My Room September/October 1987[53]
Cheese Connection before October 18, 1987[31]
Great Presentations before February 11, 1988[55]
Greenhut Galleries before March 13, 1988[56]
Albany Gallery Inc. before March 13, 1988[56]
Delmar Bootery September, 1988 (1,450 sq. ft.)[57]
Cowan & Lobel Gourmet Marketplace October 1, 1988 (10,500 sq. ft. in former Grand Union location)[58][59] (13,000 sq. ft. by 1991)[60]
Argersinger's Specialty Fashion Store before January, 1989 (closed January 5, 1989)[61]
Green's Office Outfitters before August 22, 1989[62]
Drue Sanders Custom Jewelers before December 14, 1989[63] (moved from this location in late January, 1995)[63]
Zizi Eton (high-end women's fashion) before December 14, 1989[63]
Laura Taylor, Ltd. before December 14, 1989[63]
Records 'N Such before December 17, 1989[64]
Book House before December 27, 1989[65]
Community Box Offices before December 27, 1989[66]
Peaches 'n Creme before April 25, 1990[67]
TCBY June, 1990[68]
Talbots September 20, 1990[69]
Tough Traveler before March 28, 1991[70] (closed location May 15, 1993)[26]
Danker Florist before April 7, 1991[7]
Dinapoli Opticians before April 7, 1991[7]
Argus Travel before April 7, 1991[7]
U.S. Postal Office before April 7, 1991[7]
Executive Cleaners before April 7, 1991[7]
TrustCo Bank before April 7, 1991[7]
Woolworth's before April 7, 1991[7] (closed before late 1994)[71]
Honigsbaum's before May 12, 1991[72]
Kaplan Center before November 1, 1991[73]
Dime Savings Bank before November 7, 1991 (closed December, 1991)[74]
Rooters Sports Cafe (sports bar - free-standing building) 1991 (closed by early 1992)[54]
Ginger Snips (children's clothing) June, 1992 [54]
Rugged Bear (junior outerwear and equipment - MA-based chain) August, 1992[54]
Mangia's (Italian restaurant - replaced Rooters Sports Cafe - free-standing building) after May 29, 1992[54]
Chase Manhattan Bank before May 16, 1993 [75]
Something Special before December 27, 1993 [76]
Jos. A. Bank September 22, 1994 (6,400 sq. ft. took over some of former Woolworth store's space) [71]
The Deli before December, 1994 (closed before December 6, 1994)[35]
Frank Adams Jewelers after January, 1995 [77]
Rugged Mountain after January 13, 1996 [78]
Barbizon (women's clothing) before March 13, 1996 [79]
Casual Set (women's clothing) before March 13, 1996 [79]
Circles (women's clothing) April 2, 1996 (1,300 sq. ft.)[80]
Sotto Venti (clothing) before 1996 (closed before 1996)[80]
U.S. Postal Service store (replaced older smaller post office in different location in plaza) September, 1997[81]
Sprint PCS late November, 1997[82]
Color Me Mine 1997[83]
The Toy Maker before March 30, 1998[84]
Emizack Contemporary Furniture Spring, 1998[85]
Silver Parrot before July 16, 1999[86]
Bountiful Bread Bakery before July 28, 1999[87]
La Femme Golf (women's golf clothing) September, 1999[88]
Provence (restaurant) late 1999[89]

Executive Park Office Complex Tenants[edit]

This section includes Executive Park Tower and low-rise buildings. Over the years, tenants have included:

Tenant Name Date Opened
Pinkerton's, Inc. before January 16, 1971[90]
Strout Realty, Inc. before July 13, 1977[91]
New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services before June 30, 1981[92] (workers in Commission on Corrections and the Division of Probation moved mid 1995)[93]
WTZA offices (Channel 62, Kingston, New York) before February 8, 1987[94]


By 1981, Stuyvesant Plaza as a shopping center was performing poorly. It was an average strip mall with no serious distinction.[49] Consultants suggested the complex focus on discount retailers. However, the complex ended up focusing on small, high-end, non-chain retailers. It was predicted that this would lead to ruin for the plaza.[49] The gamble paid off and a facelift was completed by the mid 1980s.[95] The facelift caused the strip mall to be one of the top performers along the East Coast.[49] By early 1987, there were 62 specialty retail stores at the plaza.[49] By May 2015, the center had received what one source referred to as an "upscale evolution".[96]


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