Mohawk Commons (Niskayuna, New York)

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Mohawk Commons
Location Niskayuna, New York
Opening date 2002
Developer Myron M. Hunt, Inc., and Benderson Development Corp.
Management DLC Management
Owner DLC Management
No. of stores and services 20+
Total retail floor area 540,000 sq ft (50,000 m2)
No. of floors 1

Mohawk Commons is a big box power center in Niskayuna, New York. It opened in 2002 and replaced the former enclosed Mohawk Mall previously located on the property. By October 2005, it had as many as 25 stores.[1]


The property, including the largely empty Mohawk Mall, was purchased from Wilmorite Properties in June 2000, by Myron M. Hunt and Benderson Development Co. from Buffalo, New York. At the time, the remaining enclosed mall tenants were Marshall's, Media Play, and Rex's TV and Appliances.[2]

In mid-2004, Developers Diversified Realty of Cleveland purchased the center from Benderson Development Corporation. At the time, Developers Diversified Realty was in the process of purchasing over 100 shopping centers across the United States.[3] In 2016, a joint venture consisting of DLC Management Corporation and DRA Advisors LLC purchased Mohawk Commons as part of the acquisition of a shopping center portfolio of 16 properties, consisting of 4.85 million square feet.[4]


Demolition of the unoccupied portions of the old Mohawk Mall was completed by Spring, 2001. The sections of the old mall containing Rex TV & Appliances, Media Play, and Marshall's remained while development of the power center began.[5]

Near the end of February, 2002, the developers signed a lease with Target for a 125,000 sq ft (11,600 m2). store in the new center.[6] By July, 2002, Target purchased land at Mohawk Commons from the developers for $3.9 million.[7]

Owners of the Rex TV & Appliance store complained about the difficulty customers had finding their store during construction. They closed in mid to late February, 2002, and began searching for a new location in the Schenectady area.[6]

In late October, 2002, Bed Bath and Beyond, Inc. signed a lease for a 30,000-square-foot (2,800 m2) store in the group of stores where Target would be located.[8]

The property was sold to DLC Management Corp. in December 2016.[9]


Over the years, tenants have included:

Tenant Name Date Opened
Price Chopper March 17, 2002 (73,000 sq. ft.)[10][11]
Marshall's April 25, 2002 (30,010 sq. ft.)[11]
Bed Bath and Beyond
Empire Vision Center
Lowe's December 27, 2002 (grand opening January 8, 2003)[12]
Target March 9, 2003[12]
Panera Bread July 24, 2003[13][14]
Party City
Nail Salon and Spa
Famous Footwear October 9, 2003 (grand opening October 10, 2003)[15]
Barnes & Noble (now closed) November 12, 2003[16][17][18]
Eastern Mountain Sports grand opening October 24, 2003[19]
Cingular Wireless (Now AT&T) shortly before February 13, 2004 (grand opening March 27, 2004)[20]
PetSmart before July 22, 2004[21]
Maurice's shortly after December 3, 2004[22]
Cold Stone Creamery (now closed) April 2, 2005[23]
Five Guys Famous Burgers and Fries July 23, 2005[24]
Ruby Tuesday (now closed) before August 17, 2005[25][26]
Nextel (Now Sprint) November 18, 2005[27]
Old Navy before July 29, 2007[28]
Verizon Wireless before November 22, 2008[29]
Game Stop before September 2003[30]
I Love New York Pizza Take-n-Bake (Now closed) by August 2009[citation needed]

Expected Crossover Tenants from Mohawk Mall[edit]

When demolition of the old Mohawk Mall began in 2000, the remaining mall tenants were Rex TV & Appliances, Media Play and Marshall's. It was expected that all three would be located in the new strip mall power center. However, Rex and Media Play closed during construction. (Media Play closed on September 9, 2001.[5]) Marshall's remained throughout construction. Its store space was in the back of the midsection of the old mall. Customers had to walk through the former Media Play store in order to go to the Marshall's store.[11]

On April 25, 2002, Marshall's reopened in a new 30,010-square-foot (2,788 m2) space, being the only store from the old mall to transfer to new retail space. The building housing the old Marshall's store and former Media Play store would be demolished later in the year to make way for additional construction.[11]

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