Super Value Buck-Tick

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Super Value Buck-Tick
Compilation album by Buck-Tick
Released December 19, 2001
Genre Electronic rock, industrial rock
Label Universal/Kitty MME
Buck-Tick chronology
One Life, One Death Cut Up
Super Value Buck-Tick
Kyokutou I Love You

Super Value Buck-Tick is the fifth compilation album by Buck-Tick, released on December 19, 2001.[1] The album's name is very fitting, this unauthorized release really meant "good value", as this release is generally several hundred yen cheaper than their other albums. It is essentially half of Sexy Stream Liner plus the 3 singles that followed.[citation needed]

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Heroine" (ヒロイン)
  2. "Thanatos" (タナトス)
  3. "Lizard Skin no Shojo" (リザードスキンの少女; Lizard-Skinned Girl)
  4. "Chouchou" (蝶蝶; Butterfly)
  5. "Sasayaki" (囁き; Whisper)
  6. "My Fuckin' Valentine"
  7. "Kimi ga Shin... Dara" (キミガシン...ダラ; When...You Die)
  8. "Gessekai" (月世界; Lunar World)
  9. "Bran-New Lover"
  10. "Miu" (ミウ)


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