Son of Schweinstein

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Son of Schweinstein
EP by Schwein
Released September 5, 2001
Genre Industrial
Length 52:22
Label BMG Funhouse
Producer Schwein
Schwein chronology
Son of Schweinstein

Son of Schweinstein is a remix EP by Schwein. Released following Schweinstein, Son of Schweinstein features remixes of tracks found on Schweinstein.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Remixer Length
1. "You're My Disease" (Ken Ishii Mix) Ken Ishii 6:28
2. "Organzola" (Main Mix) Charlie Clouser 5:53
3. "Lard, Lips, Liquor" (Shadow) Imai Hisashi and Yokoyama Kazutoshi 5:58
4. "Fantasia" (Kosh & Carry Pig Mix) Raymond Watts 6:54
5. "Porno" (Strip Down Dub) Haloblack 4:39
6. "Spank the Monkey" (Can't Save Shant Save Mix) One True Parker 6:17
7. "World's Junk" (R.K. Mix) Russell Kearney 4:36
8. "Slip" (Mekon Mix) Mekon 5:42
9. "Organzola" (Dub Mix) Charlie Clouser 5:55
Total length: 52:22