Surobi, Kabul

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Surobi is located in Afghanistan
Location in Afghanistan
Coordinates: 34°35′23″N 69°45′45″E / 34.58972°N 69.76250°E / 34.58972; 69.76250Coordinates: 34°35′23″N 69°45′45″E / 34.58972°N 69.76250°E / 34.58972; 69.76250
Country  Afghanistan
Province Kabul Province
District Surobi District
Elevation 3,274 ft (998 m)
Time zone UTC+4:30
Sorobi tree.jpg
Kabul River

The town of Surobi is the center of Surobi District, between Kabul and Jalalabad, in Kabul Province, Afghanistan. It is located on 34°35′23″N 69°45′45″E / 34.5897°N 69.7625°E / 34.5897; 69.7625 at 998 m altitude in the valley of the Kabul River East from Kabul on the road to Jalalabad. The population is more than 22,000 people (2007 calculation).

It was the Hezbi Islami's stronghold from 1987-1995. A Hezb-e-Islami commander called Faryadi Zardad had his headquarters there and tortured people. He was later prosecuted in London for his crimes.[1] Surobi is the only district in the Kabul province that will not (yet) be part of ISAF's security transition.[2]


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