Surprise Pool

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Surprise Pool
Surprise Pool at Fountain Paint Pot in Yellowstone.JPG
Surprise Pool
LocationLower Geyser Basin,
Yellowstone National Park,
Coordinates44°32′10″N 110°48′02″W / 44.53611°N 110.80056°W / 44.53611; -110.80056Coordinates: 44°32′10″N 110°48′02″W / 44.53611°N 110.80056°W / 44.53611; -110.80056[1]
Elevation7,326 feet (2,233 m)[1]

Surprise Pool is a hot spring pool in the Lower Geyser Basin of Yellowstone National Park in the United States. It is located near Great Fountain Geyser and A-0 Geyser.


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