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This is a list of prominent people who were born in or lived for a significant period of time in U.S. state of Wyoming.

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  • Clifford Hansen (1912–2009), Governor of Wyoming (1963–1967), U.S. Senator (1967–1978)
  • William Henry Harrison (1896–1990), Republican U.S. Representative from Wyoming (1950s and 1960s)
  • Stanley K. Hathaway (1924–2005), Governor of Wyoming (1967–1975), U.S. Secretary of the Interior (1975)
  • Harold Hellbaum (1926–2007), former Republican Speaker of the Wyoming House of Representatives from Wheatland
  • Edgar Herschler (1918–1990), Governor of Wyoming (1975–1987)
  • John J. Hickey (1911–1970), U.S. Senator (1961–1962)
  • Richard Honaker (born 1951), former state representative from Rock Springs, nominee for U.S. District Judge
  • Frank O. Horton (1882–1948), U.S. Representative (1939–1941)
  • Lester C. Hunt (1892–1954), Governor of Wyoming (1943–1949); U.S. Senator (1949–1954)
  • Robert H. Johnson (1916–2011), state senator from Rock Springs (1967–1978)
  • Richard R. "Dick" Jones (1910–2008), former Republican member of both houses of the Wyoming legislature, former State Senate President, former mayor of Powell, 1974 gubernatorial nominee; one of the founders of Northwest Community College (now Northwest College) in Powell
  • John B. Kendrick (1857–1933), Governor of Wyoming (1915—1917), U.S. Senator (1917—1933)
  • Frank E. Lucas (1876–1948), Republican Governor of Wyoming (1924—1925)
  • Cynthia Lummis (born 1954), former Republican member of both houses of the Wyoming legislature and former state treasurer
  • Randall Luthi (born 1953), former Speaker of the Wyoming House of Representatives
  • Max Maxfield (born 1945), Republican secretary of state of Wyoming
  • Rodger McDaniel (born 1948), Democrat, House of Representatives (1970–1976), Wyoming Senate (1976–1980), attorney; author of biography of U.S. Senator Lester C. Hunt (2013)
  • Gale W. McGee (1915–1992), U.S. Senator (1959–1977)
  • John J. McIntyre (1904–1974), U.S. Representative (1941–1943); Wyoming Supreme Court Justice
  • Ron Micheli, former Republican member of Wyoming Legislature, former Wyoming Director of Agriculture
  • Leslie A. Miller (1886–1970), Governor of Wyoming (1932–1939)
  • Franklin Wheeler Mondell (1860–1939), U.S. Representative (1895–1897; 1899–1923)
  • Warren A. Morton (1924–2002), former Speaker of Wyoming House of Representatives (1979–1980); Republican candidate for governor (1982)