Tale of the Toa

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Tale of the Toa is a novel by Cathy Hapka. It is the first part of the Bionicle Chronicles series based on the set of Lego toys sharing that name.

Tale of the Toa
Author Cathy Hapka
Country United States
Language English
Series Bionicle Chronicles
Genre Speculative Fiction
Publisher Scholastic Paperbacks
Publication date
January 1st, 2003
Pages 128
ISBN 0-439-50116-4
OCLC 52779294
Followed by Beware the Bohrok

Background and Plot[edit]

The book chronicles the power of six and 6

protectors, or Toa, of Mata Nui, a faraway island named after the Great Spirit who brought its inhabitants there. These people that the spirit Mata Nui guided are called Matoran. Then Mata Nui gave the Matoran three virtues: Unity, Duty, and Destiny.

It was the bestowing of these virtues that led the Matoran to name their new home after the Great Spirit. Mata Nui had a brother named Makuta. This brother grew envious of Mata Nui and used his magic to put him into a deep sleep. Makuta, the Master of Shadows, spread his evil all over the island, causing fear wreaking havoc, and infecting the minds of inhabitants and turning them evil.

The six Toa were sent down in large canisters to rescue the Matoran and free Mata Nui. Each Toa had special traits, powers, and abilities. They came into the world with little knowledge and memory. Each found his or her designated village and learned that their first priority was to find the Great Kanohi Masks of Power. Each Toa had to have all six, which meant five more for each of them to find as each already had one. The Great Masks were hidden and scattered all over the island of Mata Nui.

The Toa fight many of Makuta's monsters and eventually gather all of their Great Masks. They venture to Kini-Nui, the location of the Great Temple, and each receive golden masks that they use in this adventure's final battle against powerful Rahi called Manas. The only way to overcome this challenge is for all six of them to combine into the two Toa Kaita. After stopping the Manas they revert to their original six forms and face Makuta's next minios: the Shadow Toa. The Shadow Toa are evil doppelgangers of the real Toa and almost defeat them. It is only when the Toa switch up their opponents and fight each other's dark counterparts.

Characters and Terms[edit]


The Matoran are the common people of Mata Nui, lacking any special abilities, unlike the Toa. They are split up into the six villages named Ta-Koro, Le-Koro, Ga-Koro, Onu-Koro, Po-Koro, and Ko-Koro, which represent the six elements of Fire, Air, Water, Earth, Stone, and Ice respectively. Each group of Matoran has a leader, called the Turaga (a mysterious elder), and each group has their own Toa protector. Matoran is also the name of the written alphabet created for the world.


The Toa are the heroes of Mata Nui, sent to rescue the Matoran from Makuta's darkness. The Toa are tall and wear Kanohi masks that give them special abilities, and each Toa has an elemental power. In order to defeat Makuta, each Toa has to find his or her own set of all six Great Masks.[1]

  • Tahu: Toa of Fire; Uses a Fire Sword. His Great Kanohi Mask is named Hau and allows him the power of shielding.
  • Lewa: Toa of Air; Uses an Air Axe. His Great Kanohi Mask is named Miru and allows him the power of levitation.
  • Gali: Toa of Water; Uses her Water Hooks. Her Great Kanohi Mask is named Kaukau and allows her the power of water breathing.
  • Onua: Toa of Earth; Uses his Earth Claws. His Great Kanohi Mask is named Pakari and allows him the power of great strength.
  • Pohatu: Toa of Stone; Uses 'Feet Additions', powerful tools with hammer-like fronts that fit onto his feet, strong enough to shatter boulders in a single kick. Feet Additions is just a nickname for the tool. Its official name is unknown. His Great Kanohi Mask is named Kakama and allows him the power of speed.
  • Kopaka: Toa of Ice; Uses an Ice Sword and Ice Shield. His Great Kanohi Mask is named Akaku and allows him the power of x-ray vision.[2]

The six Toa are most powerful when working together, but only join up in times of great need. They prefer to be in their own realm of the island.


The Turaga act as leaders of the Matoran and advisers to the Toa. Because the Toa are childlike and ignorant of much on the island when they first arrive, the Turaga are their main source of knowledge and wisdom.[1]

  • Vakama: Turaga of Fire
  • Matau: Turaga of Air
  • Nokama: Turaga of Water
  • Whenua: Turaga of Earth
  • Onewa: Turaga of Stone
  • Nuju: Turaga of Ice

The Rahi are animal-like monsters that inhabit the island of Mata Nui. Like Matoran, Toa, and Turaga, they also wear masks, but the Evil Makuta has infected the masks of some Rahi making them slaves to his whims. Makuta sends numerous types of Rahi after the Toa in this book.

  • Kofo-Jaga: large scorpion-like monsters with claws and a stinger tail. They normally inhabit tunnels surrounding Onu-Koro (Onu-Wahi), but can also be found in the desert outskirts of Po-Wahi.
  • Tarakava: fierce lizard-like creatures that live in the water. They attack their prey by launching out of the water and attacking with their powerful hammer-like forearms.
  • Kane-Ra: the great bull. This beast charges with its pointed horns and attacks with its large strong jaws.
  • Nui-Jaga: larger and more deadly cousins of the Kofo-Jaga. Nui-Jaga are more aggressive and stronger. They have the ability to shoot venom from their stinger that causes temporary blindness. Their claws are strong enough to crush boulders.
  • Manas: enormous violent crab-like monsters. The Manas under Makuta's rule act as his guards. They are the most intelligent of Rahi and one can easily overpower a single Toa. They can swim well and exist in incredibly hot temperatures. The Toa can only defeat them when combining their efforts.[3]


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