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This is in Spanish, either suggest he move it to Spanish Wikipedia or translate it - Surge79uwf


Canek was not one of the few true heavyweights in Mexican lucha libre as this article states. Canek was one of the few Mexican heavyweights working for the Universal Wrestling Association, that's why he dominated the UWA heavyweight title for so long, but there were many other top luchadores of his generation over 220lbs working for other promotions, including Mil Mascaras, Cien Caras, Tinieblas, Sicodelico[1], Rayo de Jalisco Jr[2], Angel Blanco[3], Enrique Vera[4], Dr Wagner[5], Gran Marcus[6] and El Halcon[7].NagamiTwo (talk) 09:35, 22 February 2008 (UTC)