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Conversion to Zoroastrianism[edit]

I have removed the section claiming Poston converted to Zoroastrianism as much of the section's information was already contained in other parts of the article and the rest was either based upon questionable sources or tangential to the article's subject. Furthermore, while the article does state that he had an interest in the religion, it is unclear if this interest was strong enough for him to be considered an actual convert.

There are several published sources making the claim that Poston did actually convert (examples available here and here). A problem with these sources is that they all claim the death of Poston's wife and daughter were contributing factors. This is a temporal impossibility. Poston's first wife, while paralyzed in 1851, did not die till 1884. I do not have an exact date for his daughter's death, but do know that she died while retrieving her husband's body from the Philippines and that he died around February 1902.[1][2] This compares to Poston building his fire temple in 1878.[3] On top of the problems with the time line for "conversion", there are also sources that label Poston as a religious skeptic.[4] Given this level of uncertainty, I am removing the claim that Poston converted to Zoroastrianism from the article. --Allen3 talk 15:58, 8 January 2015 (UTC)