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For the former Comparison between the highest oxidation states of oxides and fluorides subsection, please see Talk:Fluorine/Comparison between the highest oxidation states of oxides and fluorides.

A few points about refs (for future PR and FAC 4, which will be at some point, and just describing how everything's done)

  • They should be done with {{cite web}} or simlilar templates;
  • In titles, the words should be written as a piece of usual text. If it is a the first word after a — or : , then it is capitalized. The system is a general observation for science literature (as compared to the cheap detectives). Singular deviations found in fact are omitted here for standardization.
  • Access dates are done in DD MMMMMMM YYYY format.
  • Page ranges are standardized to the full page number standard, 4326—4384 rather than the last two digit standard, such as 4326—84. There's no need to conserve space, and we can use the more eye-friendly system (you can see the second number all at once without having to search for its beginning)

TCO fluorine to do list[edit]

1. CE from front to back. (to get me familiar with the material, fix some degredation, fix some second langauge mistakes [no offense, amazingly better than I can do in any second language]. (in progress)

1.5. Spellcheck, offline.

2. convert gallery views to bordered wikitables (in progress).

3. fact check (100%). Will require a uni library trip as well as research requests.

3.5. Resolve all hidden comments

4. Check infobox, categories, pics, etc. (side matters).

5. Check reference formatting.

5.5. Check dab and first linking throughout article.

6. Get a prose grandmaster (likely Wehwalt) and twist his anti-science arm into going through the article. Pay him back somehow on some of his articles.

7. Get a Fifelfoo ref format check.

8. At that time, should be OK for R8r to renom for FAC with SandyGeorgia recused.

Subpage for ref checking[edit]

Working page set up to get this done.

User:TCO/Fluorine/ref checking 2012

PET scan[edit]

It should be noted that the 18F is attached within the glucose Fludeoxyglucose (18F), otherwise it could be implied that the fluorine actively seeks the places shown in the image, rather, these are the places where glucose is sent. Charlieb000 (talk) 21:17, 23 June 2016 (UTC)

regarding the respect F was held in[edit]

I really wanted to see Moissan's quote when he reported on his 26 June 1886 experiment to the Academy two days later: "One can indeed make various hypotheses on the nature of the liberated gas; the simplest would be that we are in the presence of fluorine." I know it's in the history subarticle, but it is a beautiful quote and Greenwood and Earnshaw put it on the first page of the chapter on halogens! Double sharp (talk) 09:58, 5 July 2016 (UTC)