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A few edits needed[edit]

Hello, First and foremost, many congratulations to Auntieruth55 for yet another excellent article. Second, I believe some edits are needed:

  • From what I reacall at Austerlitz, Walther was not deployed in support of Soult's Corps but in Lannes' V Corps on the left wing. The cavalry action for which he was remarked was against the Russian and Austrian uhlans, in conjunction with Kellermann, some 2 miles away from the fighting taking place around Pratzen, Pratzen Heights, Stary Vinohrady and Sokolnitz, where Soult was engaged. Walther then also took part in the the heavy cavalry action during which d'Hautpoul and Nansouty did most of the fighting against the Russian cuirassiers.
  • At the battle of Wagram, Walther commanded the whole Guard cavalry although he directly led his favourite Grenadiers-a-cheval, while the chasseurs-a-cheval and chevau-legers were actually placed under Bessieres.
  • Also at Wagram Bessieres was not in nominal command of the Guard cavalry but of the cavalry reserve. Bessieres charged in front of the 1st and 2nd carabiniers-a-cheval supported by cuirassiers and was wounded by a cannonball and lost consciousness, leading to his replacement by Nansouty, not MacDonald. MacDonald's action was a large-scale infantry attack which took place well after after Bessieres' cavalry charge. Walther with the grenadiers-a-cheval and Nansouty with a few cuirassier regiments were sent forward to support MacDonald; yet when the moment came to charge Walther famously refused.

I can operate some changes over the weekend if the sources you have do not cover them; just let me know. Best,--Alexandru Demian (talk) 19:54, 12 April 2010 (UTC)

Go ahead! Please. My sources on the specifics are limited, without going to the library. Your knowledge of these battles is more extensive than mine (and I need to work on a different writing project anyway if I'm going to graduate soon). If you need some language help, let me know. Auntieruth55 (talk) 20:40, 12 April 2010 (UTC)