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Please spell it Rosenzweig, not Rozensweig.

kassel or Berlin..where is the synagogue[edit]

Horwitz, Rivka "From Hegelianism to a Revolutionary Understanding of Judaism: Franz Rosenzweig's Attitude toward Kabbala and Myth" Modern Judaism - Volume 26, Number 1, February 2006, pp. 31-54

"According to Bruno Strauss, Rosenzweig went to the German orthodox synagogue "Potsdamer Brücke," where Rabbi Dr. Marcus Petuchowski led the services."

This was a synagogue in Berlin.

Let's expand this page[edit]

Unfortunately I don't know a lot about Rosenzweig (which is why I was looking at this page in the first place), but there MUST be plenty more about him. 'Star of Redemption' has been very influential, it might even be worth starting a new page for that and including a summary of the principle argument of the book. There should probably also be a separate page about the Lehrhaus, since this was a very influential institution. Alas, it's all far later than my areas of specialization, but please, is there someone out there who can make this less of a stub and more of a serious, content-filled article?? Thanks in advance.... Liskeardziz

Here, here. It would be great if we could get some insight into what his philosophical views actually were. Indeed, for some, being highly critical of Hegel is less a philosophical description than a criterion. —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 16:12, 25 September 2008 (UTC)