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He was considered a top contender to be voted NWA World Tag Team Champion with his son David, but then-champions Gene and Ole Anderson were very vocal in their dislike of "gimmick" wrestlers and the board of directors did not want the champion to have an obviously fictional ring name. Adkisson offered to wrestle under his real name when he was up again for a possible title reign in the 1970s but again, the board of directors voted it down. In 1975, Adkisson became president of the NWA, after Sam Muchnick gave up the position, even though he continued to wrestle in his own promotion, which other members of the board of directors found as a conflict of interest

A whole paragraph without a single source to it, reporting patent nonsense about Fritz & David possibly being "voted NWA World Tag Team Champions" (a title that has never existed) with alleged opposition from Ole & Gene Anderson due to their dislike of "gimmick names" (a hilarious thought, considering "Ole Anderson" is a fictional name). I'm removing the entire section--if someone wants to restore it, feel free, but it needs to be better than this in terms of both sourcing and accuracy. (talk) 00:19, 20 October 2012 (UTC)