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No copyright problems[edit]

When this article was created, CorenSearchBot identified "a substantial copy of This was a mirror of the article about Hayashi Hōkō's father, Hayashi Gahō. That article did serve as a rough template for this one.

Closer scrutiny will reveal that both articles are scrupulously cited; moreover, where phrases or sentence are replicated in the new stub article, the words are my own.

The relationships in this important Edo period family are explicitly identified at Hayashi clan (Confucian scholars), e.g.,

  • 1st Daigaku-no-kami: Hayashi Razan (1583-1657), formerly Hayashi Nobukatsu, also known as Dōshun (1st son of Nobutoki).[1]
  • 2nd Daigaku-no-kami: Hayashi Gahō (1618-1688), formerly Hayashi Harukatsu (3rd son of Razan).[2]
  • 3rd ... 1st Daigaku-no-kami and 1st rector: Hayashi Hōkō (1644-1732), formerly Hayashi Nobuhatsu (son of Gahō).[3]
  • 4th ... 2nd Daigaku-no-kami and 2nd rector: Hayashi Ryūkō (1681-1758)

This article has evolved relying on different sources than those in the articles about the better-known father and grandfather:

In addition, recent changes to the Wikipedia article about the first two Daigaku-no-kami of the Edo period put those articles out-of-phase with that mirror which was plausibly recognized by Coren's bot.

A note at the maintainer's talk page draws attention to this explanatory thread. --Tenmei (talk) 17:54, 10 November 2009 (UTC)

That particular site ( is a scraper site by the looks of it. MER-C 03:34, 11 November 2009 (UTC)