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WP Biography Rating[edit]

This article contains lists which are excessive or badly formatted. Please put any comments/questions on my talk page. GDon4t0 16:36, 4 March 2007 (UTC)

I read "Burnt Toast" in a school text when I was younger and recently I have been trying to find this short story. However, I have been unable to find it anywhere. If anybody knows where I might find it online, your help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much.

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Anthologies containing stories by Mack Reynolds[edit]

I found a story of Mack Reynolds in Fantasia e Fantascienza N. 6 (1963), an Italian digest from The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction. Then i suppose that also a 1963 issue of original magazine contains this story. The Italian title is Circoli clandestini - Speakeasy. Both story and anthology are not reported on this article. -- (talk) 18:01, 1 September 2008 (UTC) (Ancelli on

Other Biographical Information?[edit]

I remember the author's biography on several of his novels stating that Reynolds was a socialist agitator and persona non grata in several countries. Is there any independent confirmation of any of that, and should it be in this article? Rjhenn (talk) 05:32, 1 June 2009 (UTC)

If it is true, yes.

I am interested in the statement he was a 'professional mystery writer' in the late 1940's. No titles are given; what are they? (talk) 18:53, 20 October 2009 (UTC)

Reynolds Family Info[edit]

The previous version of the biography had the following information:

La Verne is Reynolds’ only relative who remains publically listed today. She lives in Weaverville, CA with her daughter Desiree Brown and her 12 grandchildren. Other surviving relatives live in Redding, CA and Sacramento, CA.

I was not sure where to place this information, or if it even belonged in the body of the biography. Suggestions? Drx (talk) 23:08, 10 December 2012 (UTC)

Recommend leaving it out unless it contributes to the understanding of this person OR if this person was so famous that leaving it out would be a gross omission. In any case, if it isn't sourced it must go, per WP:BLP. davidwr/(talk)/(contribs) 18:22, 30 October 2013 (UTC)

Bibliography Section Deletion??[edit]

I suggest the following section of the Bibliography is deleted, as 1) it contains redundant items, both within itself and the rest of the bibliography; 2) a complete list--which this is not, by any means: just a quick look at the Internet Speculative Fiction Database shows that Reynolds' stories were anthologized in countless places--would double the size of the Bibliography.

Anthologies containing stories by Mack Reynolds[edit]

  • "The Martians and the Coys," Science Fiction Carnival, edited by Frederic Brown and Mack Reynolds, 1953.
  • "The Business, as Usual," A Century of Science Fiction, edited by Damon Knight, 1962.
  • "The Business, as Usual," New Worlds for Old, edited by August Derleth, 1963.
  • "The Business, as Usual," Fifty Short Science Fiction Tales, 1963.
  • Venture Science Fiction 9, 1964.
  • "Russkies Go Home!," The Unfriendly Future, edited by Tom Boardman, 1965.
  • "The Hunted Ones," The Weird Ones, edited by Horace Leonard Gold, 1965.
  • The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction 190, 1967.
  • "Burnt Toast," The Playboy Book of Horror and the Supernatural, edited by Ray Russell 1967.
  • Science Fiction Horizons No. 1, edited by Tom Boardman, 1968.
  • "Pacifist," The War Book, edited by James Sallis, 1969).
  • "I"m a Stranger Here Myself," 14 Great Tales of ESP, edited by Idella Purnell, 1969.
  • The Year's Best Science Fiction 2, 1969.
  • Analog 7, 1970.
  • "Black Sheep Astray," Astounding: The John W. Campbell Memorial Anthology, edited by Harry Harrison, 1973.
  • "The Cold War...Continued," Nova 3, edited by Harry Harrison, 1973.
  • "Buck and the Gents from Space," Science Fiction Adventures from Way Out, edited by George Elwood, 1973.
  • "Mercenary," Study War No More: A Selection of Alternatives, edited by Joe Haldeman, 1977.
  • "Dark Interlude" (with Frederic Brown), Science Fiction of the Fifties, edited by Martin Harry Greenberg and Joseph Olander, 1979.
  • "The Devil Finds Work," 100 Great Fantasy Short Short Stories, edited by Isaac Asimov, Terry Carr, and Martin Harry Greenberg, 1984.
  • Mercenaries of Tomorrow, 1985.
  • Terrorists of Tomorrow, 1985.
  • "The Adventure of the Ball of Nostradamus" (with August Derleth), Supernatural Sleuths, edited by Charles G. Waugh & Martin H. Greenberg, 1996.
  • "The Business, as Usual" Time Machines: The Best Time Travel Stories Ever Written, edited by Bill Adler, Jr., 1997.
  • Future War, 1999.

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Article needs re-assessing[edit]

The assessments were way out of date so I blanked them. Please re-assess.

Also, if you have a free-image or WP:FAIRUSE photo of Mr. Reynolds that would be appreciated. Absent that, a free image that is highly associated with him (e.g. a non-copyrightable or out-of-copyright book cover of one of his more well-known books or of one of his earliest books). davidwr/(talk)/(contribs) 18:24, 30 October 2013 (UTC)