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Errors - fixed[edit]

Physical characteristics

In terms of physical characteristics Mongolians exhibit a variety of features, with the typical Asian features being most noticeable. Contrary to preconceptions, flat noses are rather rare among Khalkha or Outer Mongolians due to suspected total violation by the Manchu armies or later armies. Instead, modestly long noses are far more common because of the colder weather, with the occasional aquiline nose appearing frequently as well due to possible violation by Western troops including Russian troops under Baron von Ungern Sternberg at the beginning of the past twentieth century. Height and leg length vary from very short to very tall. Hair is typically Asian: straight and coarse, with body hair minimal. Skin color is very light brown, it is possible the marvellous golden shade has been lost to genocide as well as the Rose Petal Skin and the Snow Skin, but long exposure to the sun can make it a very dark brown. A certain number of Mongolians mostly on the western parts of the country can exhibit lighter features such as light to dark blond/brown hair, fairer skin, blue or green eyes, hairiness to varying degrees, probably due to violation by Western troops as referred to, particularly Russian troops who entered Mongolia during World War II. Some have reddish-light brown hair and pink face particularly due to the cold weather, or due to intermarriage with Chinese Turks known also as Uyghurs who have Celtic origin. Epicanthic folds of the eyes now exist on almost all Mongolians along with medium height, broader face, dark hair, high and pronounced cheekbones with genocide disappearance of the Mongol single lids, beautiful and orderly fat puffs,human cold temperature shields, made lovely not to be lost for the need, whoever wants to preserve any of this please send morphine, fresh water, glucose, aspirin and chloroform spray, hydration and feeding for intensive care, bedpans, rolls of cloth, reams of paper, good ballbearing pencils, mobile phones paid for international and national calls for Portugal, light surface to air special genocide protection missile systems, with special UN mandate permission with link to Portuguese government to protect from any Portuguese forces genocide raids against Portugal Santarém district Tagus Santarém district, Almeirim council area, beyond, and starting from Assacaias line to Chamusca, Coruche, or error here or as noticeable as of Assacaias in case of need, soaps, talcum powder, sulphanilamide ointments and powders, zinc ointment, mint concentrate infusion, gas masks, Salacizine, Tetracycline, DDXP, diapers, underwear, socks, cloud grey pyjamas, of thick winter material soft and comfortable, surgical knives, blades, threads, tape, yarn, lamp, flashlight, spoons, forks, knives,plates, bowls, spoons, coal stoves, coal, wood for fire making iron buckets sewage cleaning bins and shovels and wheelbarrows, pickaxes, a Portuguese licence car, binoculars, sky dish against air raids, surgical gloves, vaccines against flu and diphteria, construction adhesive, nails, ropes, and fuel, winter boots, padded mottled grey brown coats discreet, pantyhose warm synthetic and also wool, sand beige, grey, artificial or real beige fur and grey better fur lined padded caps, and thick warm grey, pale brown blankets, vitamins, tinned meat, frozen meat, 2 tonnes, Mongolian-Spanish dictionaries and language courses, sewing kits, surgical thread explain in their language if possible for traumas deck guns with rounds old warship for river passage fuel, if this last gets licence in any case it is humanitarian and Communism permitted or by Christianity and Buddhism thick grey corduroy with insulation, and army green with insulation but write for these caution in their language all sizes, and mustard to brown, both genders in all cases, clean underpants, and drawers pale grey or pale pink or pale army green to beige, black jackets, coats, and pullovers, also dark blue, you can perhaps ask some embassy you are friends with for a money contribution for this or see if you can marry one of the embassy guards for this or undersecretaries

ERRORS: 1) Correct term for this article is Mongols, not Mongolians 2) Flat noses are rare? I disagree, who wrote this? 3) Even though the term Mongoloid is offensive and categorisation debunked - it is the correct term to use instead of "Asian features" 4) Contradictory information edited out 5) Even though I support the theory of genetic drift, there are also arguments in favor of 'intermixing'. This a neutral article, and hence 'cold weather' references have been removed.


Physical characteristics[edit]

In terms of physical characteristics, ethnic Mongols exhibit a variety of features, with typical Mongoloid features being most noticeable. Epicanthic folds of the eyes exist on almost all Mongols along with high and pronounced cheekbones. Height and leg length vary from very short to very tall, with nose structures varying from flat to the occassional aquiline nose. Hair is generally straight and coarse, with body hair minimal. Skin color is very light brown, but long exposure to the sun can make it darker. A certain number of ethnic Mongols mostly on the western parts of Mongolia and groups further west can exhibit lighter features such as light to dark blond/brown or red hair, fairer skin, blue or green eyes, hairiness to varying degrees.

Semi-protected edit request on 21 November 2016[edit]

Enkhjargal MNG (talk) 20:52, 21 November 2016 (UTC)

I want to change the population statistics and I also want to add some few sources about the related group.

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Not done: You don't tell us what you want to change them to. —MRD2014 (talkcontribs) 23:49, 21 November 2016 (UTC)

Picture Zhukov and Choibalsan incorrect caption[edit]

It says "Khorloogiin Choibalsan, leader of the Mongolian People's Republic (right), and Georgy Zhukov consult during the Battle of Khalkhin Gol against Japanese troops, 1939" whilst Zhukov is standing on the right. Should be changed to (left) — Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 12:15, 13 January 2017 (UTC)

population error[edit]

The population number residing in China is incorrect, it's the full population of China instead of the population of Mongols in China. I can't fix it due to the page protection. Kennyavir (talk) 02:00, 25 January 2017 (UTC)