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I've added a short note about where Ozamis City got the name. Interestingly, the domain for the city's website spells it as "Ozamis" (This website mentioned here is privately owned, NOT an official government site) but the website itself (as well as the biography of the city's namesake Senator Jose Ozamiz) spells the city's name as "Ozamiz". It's possible that the spelling "Ozamis" was influenced by the province's name ("Misamis") which appears to have been the former name of the city as well. --Harvzsf 06:07, 26 February 2006 (UTC)


What language do they speak here?

Some call it Visayan, some call it Cebuano. If they are not the same language, they are similar. It has some relation to Tagalog, but not the same.


The city’s name ought to be spelled, in my opinion, with a Z. That’s how the city’s own official seal spells it. (Unless that has been overridden by the government.) Regardsless of personal opinions, which is irrelevant basis in rule of law , Republic Act 321 confirms and affirms that OZAMIZ CITY should be spelled with "Z".

This disputes is resolved on RA 321 and as per record of National Statistical Coordination Board (NSCB

Article Clean-Up[edit]

I am currently going through the article, removing POV and re-wording sentences etc. Already I have removed a couple of sections because of their relation to advertising. For example, I removed the 'restaurant/bar' section because it listed lots and lots of those places and said why they were good. Perhaps the section can be re-added but with only two or three notable bars/restaurant's? Will report on more when I have gone through the article completely.

Okay, I think I removed quite a lot of stuff from lists. Wikipedia is not just a list rattling off stuff. A lot of it was advertising I think. Article needs some more verifable citations (If there is any! I can't remember if I checked, but I didn't see very many blue numbers) to improve. Also, if you're going to edit the list's, make sure anything you put in is notable... you don't want something there just because you own it or are friends with the proprietor.
I starting to clean this stuff. Removing non-wiki and irrelevant, advertising and travel like entry.

On Ozamiz City Entry[edit]

I removed the following contents:

Notable Shopping Facilities

The recent entry of big companies like Kia Motors, Citi Hardware, Unitop, Air philippines, popular fastfood chains, etc. in ozamiz points to a stronger, vibrant economy in the city spreading its benefits to the neighboring provinces. Ozamiz, being the center of commerce and trade in this part of Mindanao has two shopping malls and several dept. stores:

  • Gaisano Capital mall - This is the biggest mall in Ozamiz. It has also the biggest supermarket in the city at present.
  • Geege Mall - The only mall in Ozamiz which houses three cinemas, a Bingo hall, video games arcade, David's salon, and a pharmacy.
  • SM City Ozamiz (Soon to rise)
  • Robinsons Place Ozamiz (Soon to rise)
  • Ozamiz Shopper's Plaza - this is located in front of Royal Garden Hotel.
  • Gloria Bazar- it has the biggest appliance store and a furniture showroom in the city.
  • Unitop - This is a two storey fully airconditioned one stop giant retail budget store selling mostly cheap imported goods from China. This is the perfect store for budget conscious shoppers. It sells electrical , hardware needs, gift items, electronics, housewares, appliances, shoes and clothes in one roof.
  • Goldsquare - a haven for cellphone and its accessories, imported goods, gift items etc. along D.A.B.A.
  • Quality Shoppng center - perfect store for house wares, imported food items, jewelry and a lot more.
  • Cetrum Ozamiz - a three storey fully airconditioned shopping center located near the Cathedral

Places to eat

  • La Veranda restaurant - located at the ground floor of Royal Graden Hotel. It offers fine dining and Chinese cuisine.
  • Johann's Cuisine - located along National Highway in Lan-an, offers food catering services and perfect venue for parties and seminars.
  • New Central Restaurant - located along D.A.B.A. near the fully airconditioned Medina Gymnatorium.
  • Dewberry Coffee - located near Ozamiz city hall, a perfect place for coffee lovers
  • Chicken Ati-Atihan - located along the circumferential road.
  • Supermix restaurant - has three branches within the city
  • Ularoo , the red rock cafe and bar - located in Carmen Annex.
  • Saydwok Bar - located along city hall drive.
  • North Pole eatery - one of the oldest and popular food establishment in Ozamiz
  • JO's chicken - famous for its barbecue chicken, located along Rizal avenue
  • Carmela's Home Favorites - it is famous for its chocolates cakes, pastries and bread.
  • Jerry's Chicken - located at Carmen Annex, it is famous for its deep fried chicken and Chinese ngoyong.
  • Popular fastfood chains namely Jollibee', Mc Donalds, Dunkin Donuts, Greenwich Pizza and Chowking

The quality of the food in Ozamiz varies wildly. Foreigners might want to visit McDonald's. Food at McD's tastes the same the world over. Jollibee is not nearly as good as McD's. But you get what you pay for, and you pay very little. Watch that funky pink mayo at Jollibee.

Where to stay

  • Plaza Beatriz - located in front of Gaisano Ozamiz Mall. Tel no. (+6388)5211394 walking distance to the port
  • Royal Garden Hotel - located at Burgos corner Zamora Sts. Ozamiz City, Philippines.
  • Palace Hotel - located a few meters from the Cathedral Tel no. (+6388)5213239.
  • Asian Hotel - along capistrano st. Tel no. (+6388)5211424, 5212203.
  • Irene's Lodge - located near La Salle University Ozamiz campus in Las Aguadas.
  • Dads Pension House - located at Las Aguadas Tel no. (+6388)5212058.
  • Naomis Botanical Garden and inn - it has a huge garden full of exotic beautiful flowers, a tennis court, golf range, a conference room and a pottery area. Tel no. (+6388)5212441.
  • Bethany's Garden - the newest member to join in the hotel industry in Ozamiz, it is located near the airport, it has a swimming pool and a conference room
  • Executive Hotel - located near the public market along Gallardo st. Tel no. (+6388)5210360.
  • Tropical Garden - it has a swimming pool and a conference hall, located at Bagakay along the National highway Tel no. (+6388)5210855.
  • Minerva Hotel - along Washington st near the public market Tel no. (+6388)5210065.

Hotels in Ozamiz also vary wildly in quality. Some are ok, 2 or 3 are nice, most are below foreigner standards. But, as usual, you get what you pay for.

Colleges / Universities

The presence of two universities in Ozamiz makes Ozamiz as center for education in this part of Mindanao. Students coming from Lanao del Norte, Zamboanga del Sur, Zamboanga del Norte and Misamis Occidental come to Ozamiz to pursue their college education. Notable schools include :

  • La Salle University-Ozamiz - formerly known as Immaculate Conception College (ICC), Its main campus is located at Las Aguadas. It is the second university in Ozamiz city. It was granted university status in 2006. It plans to put up a TV station and a hospital.
  • Misamis University - It is the first university in the city. It was founded in 1929. It is located at Feliciano st. formerly Bonifacio st.
  • Medina College - it has 2 school campuses located at Carmen Annex and Maningcol.
  • STI Ozamiz
  • Northwestern Mindanao Institute of Technology (NMIT) - along the National Highway in Bañadero, the school has tied up with Maersk shipping co. where its graduates can work aboard Maersk vessels for a 6 months contract.
  • Computer Technology College
  • Ozamiz City Technology and Vocational School - a newly opened school for vocational courses funded by the city government
  • Misamis Institute of Technology - located along national highway in Bañadero
  • Misamis Union High School - formerly known as Misamis Chinese High School, offers nursery, kindergarten, primary and secondary / high school educations using Mandarin and English languages as medium of instructions, located at Lam-an. "The best and the brightest"

Hospitals / Health Facilities

  • Mayor Hilarion A. Ramiro Sr. Regional Training and Teaching Hospital (MHARS-RTTH) - located at National highway in Maningcol, It's a tertiary, government owned hospital under the Dept. of Health. It has a blood bank that supplies the blood needs of patients coming from Lanao del Norte, Zamboanga del Sur and Misamis Occidental.
  • Misamis University Medical center (MUMC) - a tertiary private hospital located along National Highway in Bagakay.
  • Medina General Hospital- located at Carmen Annex, it is a tertiary private hospital.
  • Faith Hospital in Las Aguadas
  • S.M. Lao Memorial Hospital - located in Maningcol, it is funded locally by the city government.
  • St. Mary General Hospital

Foreigners will pray they do not get sick in Ozamiz.

Banks / Financial Institutions

The presence of major banking institutions within the city signifies that Ozamiz is a center for commerce and trade in this part of Mindanao

  • Allied Banking Corporation - loated at Burgos St.
  • China Banking Corporation - located at Burgos St.
  • Metropolitan Bank & Trust Co. - Rizal branch.
  • Metropolitan Bank & Trust Co. - Burgos branch
  • Philippine National Bank - Located at Rizal avenue, fronting Osrox Park.
  • Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas / Central Bank of The Philippines - along F. T. Bernad ave (circumferencial road)
  • Philippine Savings Bank - along Rizal avenue
  • Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation - along D.A.B.A.
  • Development Bank of the Philippines - along Burgos st.
  • BDO Equitable PCI bank
  • Land Bank of the Philippines - located along D.A.B.A
  • United Coconut Planters Bank - along Rizal avenue
  • 1st Valley Bank - along DABA
  • Rural Bank of Ozamiz
  • Philippine Farmers Bank - located at the ground floor of Royal Garden Hotel
  • First Consolidated Bank - located along DABA
  • Rural Bank of Tangub - along Port road
  • Panguil Bay Rural Bank - along DABA

Banks are always packed with people.

TV networks and cable television

  • Misamis Cable TV network - its office is located at Rizal ave.
  • Fil Products Cable TV - located along national highway in Maningcol.
  • ABS-CBN (MIT) channel 7.
  • ABC (MBNN) channel 13.

Radio stations / Telecommunications

  • dxDD (AM/FM) - Dan-ag sa Dakbayan AM station / 100.7 Cool radio FM station. Station booth and sales office are along Rizal Avenue, beside the Cathedral.
  • LSU (FM) - 91.1, The Real Campus Radio, owned by La Salle University-Ozamiz, operates on 24/7.
  • dxLM (FM) - operated by the Misamis Institute of techology.
  • dxSY (AM/FM) - Y96 FM the best, operates on 24/7.
  • dxOC (AM) - Located along National Highway in Manabay
  • Smart Communications - its business center is located at D.A.B.A. with wide cellular network coverage in Ozamiz.
  • Globe telecoms - it's business center is located inside Gaisano mall. It has also a wide cellular network coverage in Ozamiz city.
  • Sun Cellular Network - has cellular network coverage in the city.
  • Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company/PLDT - it is the dominant telecommunication player in the city offering internet and fixed telephone lines for residential and commercial use.
  • Bayantel - offers internet service only in Ozamiz

Infrastructure projects

  • Panguil Bay bridge - this will connect Misamis Occidental and Lanao del Norte provinces. The bridge will cut short the travel time between the two provinces. At present, The Daima shipping lines connect the two provinces using their Roll on Roll off vessels crossing Panguil Bay. This is one of the priority national projects of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo for 2007. Target of completion is 2010.
  • Ozamiz coastal road - Its construction has already started. The boulevard/coastal road will traverse four barangays from Malaubang to the city proper.
  • Ozamiz city public market - Construction has already started for a two storey modern public market.
  • Ozamiz Airport - extension and expansion of the runway, construction of a passenger arrival building, perimeter fencing and drainage system to start on the last quarter of 2007.
  • Misamis Occidental Special Economic Zone (MOSEZ) - A house bill creating MOSEZ will be filed at the House of Representatives by Misamis Occidental District 2 Congresswoman Herminia Ramiro in 2007. Target sites include Ozamiz and Tangub cities wherein each local government unit will set aside 100 hectares of land to be converted into industrial zones. Factors that will make MOSEZ attainable include the newly expanded Ozamiz city airport, the P200 million expanded seaport, complete electrical and water facilities to be provided by Misamis Occidental Electric Cooperative Inc. (MOELCI-II) and Misamis Occidental Water District (MOWD) respectively, Ozamiz coastal road and reclamation area, manpower resources and the soon to be constructed Panguil Bay bridge.
Reason: Wikipedia is not a guide nor a directory. Mbell 791983 03:08, 11 November 2007 (UTC)

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