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Different types of Philippine Adobo[edit]

When I learnt to cook I was taught different styles of adobo, mainly based on its regional origin. As correctly statet there is a white adobo. The "usual" adobo is the adobo Tagalog style where in addition to soy sauce and vinegar potatoes and carrots are used. In addition, this adobo keeps some of its sauce. The is the adobo Laguna style, yellowish. There is an adobo Ilocano style where soy sauce and kalamansi juice (instead of vinegar) is used, amongst green chili and nothing else. This is still very different from bifstek Tagalog (also with soy sauce and kalamansi), because the Ilocano adobo has to be cooked until the water (from the pork and the soy sauce) is completely gone, hence this one is oily, only then the kalamansi juice will be added in the end. — Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 09:15, 4 February 2016 (UTC)

Incorrect Link?[edit]

I was interested in one of the source links (which was cited several times in the article no less) and clicked it, specifically the one labeled this: "Claude Tayag (March 8, 2012). "The adobo identity (crisis)". The Philippine Star. Retrieved November 7, 2012." (as I write this comment, it is listed as the 8th cited source)

Unfortunately though, that does not appear to be the correct link for that article. I'm not sure what would be, but it's definitely not that one, which appears to be related almost entirely to cigarette taxes, rather than food. I figured I should call attention to this, though I'm not sure what caused the issue; if you click the link, the link itself is referring to an "article" number, but then it forwards to...the wrong article on that site? It's possible the newspaper being cited did some reshuffling of their site's organization/functioning, and that this link got screwed up as a result? In any case like I said I figured I would point it out so someone more familiar with the site/subject in question could address it. (talk) 03:55, 1 September 2016 (UTC)