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IPhoto Mac.png Unidentified species[edit]

Can you identify these? (more here)
Stilt-legged fly - Mindanao, Philippines 1.jpg
Geonemertes sp., Mindanao, Philippines - 20110515-02.jpg
Unidentified Veronicellidae 2 - Mindanao, Philippines.jpg
Unidentified Zygoptera (Mindanao, Philippines).jpg
Unidentified Micropezidae Unidentified Geonemertes sp. Unidentified Veronicellidae Unidentified Zygoptera
Scutelleridae cropped 2.jpg
Unidentified Dolichopodid Fly.JPG
Dysdercus (Mindanao, Philippines).jpg
Unidentified Arctiidae (Mindanao, Philippines) 1.jpg
Unidentified Scutelleridae Unidentified Dolichopodidae Unidentified Lygaeidae Unidentified Arctiidae or Aganaidae (Aganainae), cf. Asura lydia
Unidentified Ricaniidae on ×Citrofortunella mitis leaf with a small fly.jpg
Unidentified Chrysomelidae.jpg
Unidentified Mutillidae (velvet ant), Philippines 2.jpg
Unidentified Tettigoniidae (probably Hexacentrus).jpg
Unidentified Ricaniidae Unidentified Chrysomelidae (probably Criocerinae) Unidentified Mutillidae Unidentified Tettigoniidae (probably Hexacentrus sp.)

Preview Mac.png Image contributions[edit]


3d reconstructions I created of extinct taxa (more here)
Eurypterus Paleoart.jpg
Palaeochiropteryx Paleoart.jpg
Laccognathus embryi - reconstruction.jpg
Belemnotheutis 3d.jpg
Eurypterus Palaeochiropteryx Laccognathus embryi Belemnotheutis
Waptia fieldensis Restoration.jpg
Trilobite - Bumastus reconstruction 3d scene.jpg
Laccognathus panderi - reconstruction.jpg
Tiktaalik by Obsidian Soul modified.png
Waptia Bumastus Laccognathus panderi Tiktaalik


Camera sucks, I know. (more here)
Orsotriaena medus medus (Mindanao, Philippines).jpg
Episcapha quadrimacula feeding, Bukidnon, Philippines - 20110116.jpg
Hypolycaena sipylus (Mindanao, Philippines).jpg
Zizeeria karsandra (Dark grass blue) - Philippines.jpg
Orsotriaena medus medus Episcapha quadrimacula Hypolycaena sipylus Zizeeria karsandra
Oncidium varicosum 1.jpg
Coprinopsis sp. - Mindanao, Philippines.jpg
Spirulina 4.png
Saba Bananas.jpg
Oncidium varicosum Coprinopsis sp. Spirulina sp. Musa acuminata × balbisiana 'Saba'
Lantana camara flowers (Mindanao, Philippines).jpg
Tagiades parra from Mindanao, Philippines 4.jpg
Rice paper butterfly (Idea leuconoe) at the Bohol Butterfly Conservation Center, Philippines 2.JPG
Spathoglottis plicata (Ground orchid).jpg
Lantana camara Tagiades parra Idea leuconoe Spathoglottis plicata
Zephyranthes rosea (Mindanao, Philippines) 2.jpg
Nyctemera coleta - Mindanao, Philippines.jpg
Zebra dove (Geopelia striata) - Philippines.jpg
Schizophyllum commune - Mindanao, Philippines.jpg
Zephyranthes rosea Nyctemera coleta Geopelia striata Schizophyllum commune
Pseudoxya diminuta (Walker, 1871) nymph - Mindanao, Philippines.jpg
Figulus sp. - Mindanao, Philippines.jpg
Oxyopes macilentus, Philippines - 20110505.jpg
Potanthus niobe - Philippines (1).jpg
Pseudoxya diminuta nymph Figulus sp. Oxyopes macilentus Potanthus niobe

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