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Combine Shopgirl mentionings[edit]

there are two mentionings that should be combined


You do know he is right because i remember this reference being up there why has somebody removed it do they have a problem with him or something there is plenty of cites proving around the internet including himself

[deleting vandalism]

Recent wedding sourced[edit]

I rewrote part of the article, adding Ricky Jay in the list of friends invited to the wedding because Jay and Martin are very close friends as per David Mamet and the two have performed together several times. I have also sourced the bit about Martin marrying Anne Stringfield. Tabascoman77 10:12 (PST), 29 July 2006 (UTC)


I read somewhere that Martin got tinnitus (permanent ringing in ears) when he did the movie Three Amigos in 1986. Should that be mentioned (with a citation) in the article?