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On companion bibliography[edit]

WhisperToMe (talk) 09:41, 5 May 2014 (UTC)


Chapter titles seen in Mather p. 235:

  • A chapter on vernacular novels that are not as well known as more prominent works, written by Daria Berg
  • "Poetry of the Fifteenth and Sixteenth Centuries" by Daniel Bryant
  • "Poetry of the Eighteenth to Early Twentieth Centuries" by Daniel Bryant
  • "Sung Dynasty Shih-Poetry" by Michael Fuller
  • "Mongol-Yüan Classical Verse" by Richard John Lynn
  • "Poetry of the Seventeenth Century" by Richard John Lynn
  • "Poetry of the Fourteenth Century" by John Timothy Wixted
  • "Modern Poetry" by Michelle Yeh

WhisperToMe (talk) 00:41, 6 May 2014 (UTC)

Very useful article! Here's the complete TOC from the WorldCat listing. Would it be useful in the article? It would be a little bit of work, but it would be even more useful if the links were put in and pinyin supplied for the Wade-Giles:


Mair History of Chinese Literature: Introduction: The Origins and Impact of Literati Culture

I Foundations.

1. Language and Script / Victor H. Mair. 2. Myth / Anne Birrell. 3. Philosophy and Literature in Early China / Michael Puett. 4. The Thirteen Classics / Paul Rakita Goldin. 5. Shih-ching Poetry and Didacticism in Ancient Chinese Literature / Jeffrey Riegel. 6. The Supernatural / Rania Huntington. 7. Wit and Humor / Karin Myhre. 8. Proverbs / John S. Rohsenow. 9. Buddhist Literature / Helwig Schmidt-Glintzer and Victor H. Mair. 10. Taoist Heritage / Judith Magee Boltz. 11. Women in Literature / Anne Birrell

II. Poetry.

12. Sao, Fu, Parallel Prose, and Related Genres / Christopher Leigh Connery. 13. Poetry from 200 B.C.E. to 600 C.E. / Robert Joe Cutter. 14. Poetry of the T'ang Dynasty / Paul W. Kroll. 15. Tz'u / Stuart Sargent. 16. Sung Dynasty Shih Poetry / Michael A. Fuller. 17. Yuan San-ch'u / Wayne Schlepp. 18. Mongol-Yuan Classical Verse (Shih) / Richard John Lynn. 19. Poetry of the Fourteenth Century / John Timothy Wixted. 20. Poetry of the Fifteenth and Sixteenth Centuries / Daniel Bryant. 21. Poetry of the Seventeenth Century / Richard John Lynn. 22. Poetry of the Eighteenth to Early Twentieth Centuries / Daniel Bryant. 23. Ch'ing Lyric / David McCraw. 24. Modern Poetry / Michelle Yeh. 25. Poetry and Painting / Charles Hartman

III. Prose.

26. The Literary Features of Historical Writing / Stephen Durrant. 27. Early Biography / William H. Nienhauser, Jr. 28. Expository Prose / Ronald Egan. 29. Records of Anomalies / Hu Ying. 30. Travel Literature / James M. Hargett. 31. Sketches / James M. Hargett. 32. Twentieth-Century Prose / Philip F. C. Williams

IV. Fiction.

33. T'ang Tales / William H. Nienhauser, Jr. 34. Vernacular Stories / Yenna Wu. 35. Full-Length Vernacular Fiction / Wai-Yee Li. 36. Traditional Vernacular Novels: Some Lesser-Known Works / Daria Berg. 37. The Later Classical Tale / Allan H. Barr. 38. Fiction from the End of the Empire to the Beginning of the Republic (1897-1916) / Milena Dolezelova-Velingerova. 39. Twentieth-Century Fiction / Philip F. C. Williams. 40. China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan During the 1980s and 1990s / Helmut Martin

V. Drama.

41. Traditional Dramatic Literature / Wilt L. Idema. 42. Twentieth-Century Spoken Drama / Xiaomei Chen VI. Commentary, Criticism, and Interpretation. 43. The Rhetoric of Premodern Prose Style / Christoph Harbsmeier. 44. Classical Exegesis / Haun Saussy. 45. Literary Theory and Criticism / Dore J. Levy. 46. Traditional Fiction Commentary / David L. Rolston

VII. Popular and Peripheral Manifestations.

47. Balladry and Popular Song / Anne Birrell. 48. Tun-huang Literature / Neil Schmidt. 49. The Oral-Formulaic Tradition / Anne E. McLaren. 50. Regional Literatures / Mark Bender. 51. Ethnic Minority Literature / Mark Bender. 52. The Translator's Turn: The Birth of Modern Chinese Language and Fiction / Lydia H. Liu. 53. The Reception of Chinese Literature in Korea / Emanuel Pastreich. 54. The Reception of Chinese Literature in Japan / Emanuel Pastreich. 55. The Reception of Chinese Literature in Vietnam / Emanuel Past reich

ch (talk) 18:03, 30 May 2014 (UTC)

@CWH: Ah, I saw this over a year later. It may be a good idea to list them, with the authors. That way people will have a good idea of what's in the book! WhisperToMe (talk) 19:56, 24 May 2015 (UTC)