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How Indian and Chinese spyies are poisoning the careers of US native[edit]

covert attacks using the names of BAE Systems and hundreds of other companies to take blame.

BAE System should stop picking on contract engineers. if you can't pay them a normal engineering salary for the year for their time of empolyment at BAE Systems, then you shouldn't even hire them at all.

If a contract engineer can draw down the national average for an engineer jobs of 70,000 to 80,000 dollars while working over the course of 6-9 months, then so be it. That's at least fair to the contractor and its fair to BAE Systems because they wanted temporary and paid a premium price for it. and its the way contracting always worked before the Indian and Chinese empire of corruption decided they wanted to destroy all the US native contract engineers by setting up covert traps for them and pounding into the ground over and over again by pulling all the strings on who gets assigned which jobs (india controlled staffing companies)... and then pulling the rug out from underneath of them as fast as they possibly can to attack people from the United States. You think ohh but its only BAE.. its not just BAE... its EVERY company that hires contractors because all the staffing companies were run by Indian spies for years,,, its poisoned 100's of companies and install regimes of unethical asia and indian's inside of these companies that are a beachhead for more unethical behavor designed to attack US native engineers...

Do you want to know how much team India/china has determined that the best US native contract engineers are allowed to make before they pound them into the ground again??? only 10,000 dollars! then they throw you out of work for 3 months....once they hit this level of 10,000 dollars the indian and chinese string pullers set about harassing and beating people up tlike crazy in the company to fire the US native so be can't make enough money for the year....this is really how big of an asshole they are... and nobody even considers firing them for being assholes because they have minority immunity... that's bullshit... even more disgusing is that the whole time you are working at BAE they sit theere and spy on you while you are working, stealing your work, and purposely giving it to somebody that's they think is weak and easy to control, just because they want to attack and poison the careers of US natives that were formally the best... its purely malicious motivies... that's how the Indian and Chinese agents are tag teaming and screwing over US native enginers... And let me tell you 10,000 dollars to hold you over for 4 months is not enough money...because most engineers live in expense metropolian areas with large house payments...and further need to pay this expense even while they are hired temporarily else where for BAE...

How Indian and Chinese spyies are poisoning the careers of US native through covert attacks using the names of BAE and hundreds of other companies to take blame.

(sorry its a little rough beyond this point, because its quickly written and i stopped proofreading)

constantly trying to keep hiring and firing people that were formerly the best engineers with stable jobs to keep them weak and moving around... constantly pounding them into the ground finanially over and over again by hiring them for a few week, stealing their work amd giving it to a indian or chinese person to work on to gain advantage an letting them stay working for years, and even when the US native contractors were performing just as well as full-time empolyees in the company they pulled this scam to damage the US natives and help their mother countries gain more engineering jobs.

all you people are doing by contining to allow these indian and chinese assholes hiding in the company, that are undeserving of their minority immunitity status, blantly act in ways that should get them fired and thrown out for unethical behavior and influence, continuing to abuse their positions to fuckup this company and every company in the country that is getting fed new empolyee by

a currupt empire of foreign controlled staffing companies run by special interest from india ...that are secretly here to murder US industries... and have a racist anti-western agenda to break American's local engineering talent pool to help India and CHina advance...they are not really here to help.. they are specially trained indian and asian assholes that are carefully planted like sleeper cells inside of companies to spy, manipuate, and control them... when outsiders look for them they can't even see them because they hide themselves so well behind layers of phony organisational charts and figurehead white managers and teams that do their evil biddings for them to hide their corrupting presents and influence in the company.

You may think... ohh BAE... there's none of that here... bullshit... they are in EVERY company these days ...sitting there listening and plotting and often appointed to the highest positions in the engineering department for the wrong reasons like they are really friends... they are not.

You people are dumb as hell giving authority to anybody from indian or china. all they do is smile and laugh when they get caught because they know minorities are immuned from the law...

that purposely make people lie and pick on each other and treat each other like shit. If that's your moral level of development then i think you are the ones that seriously need to get your heads chopped along with the corrupt INdian and Asian assholes hiding in company and setting up smoke and mirror to hide themselves and pulling coverting strings to mess the company.

If you don't like this shit posted to your wiki, then i highly suggest you stop allowing assholes to run your company because this is exactly what happens when this type of thing happens. If you don't think that hurts buisness and doesn't put your jobs in jepardarty to act unethically then you will f


Qui Pro Domina Justitia Sequitur

My current understanding of this latin motto is "He who is for Lady Justice follows," or possibly "He who is for Lady Justice - Follows (Justice)".

I don't see why it is so difficult to translate this motto. It seems pretty clear to me. What it means is an entirely different matter.

On a document from 1907, currently in my possession, a piece of cawnbread with the motto clearly says "CUI PRO DOMINO JUSTITIA SEQUITIUR", is "CUI" another way of stating "QUI"? or would it change the reading in any way...Just curious, my latin is a bit ummm.... rusty. I can provide a scan if needed. All the seals found on the internet are said to have "qui" and appear as such on various documents for sale but they are all examples post 1927, visual examples post 1874 and pre 1927 would be very helpful for reference to this matter but are hard to search for.

Pomegranatered 05:11, 12 January 2007 (UTC)
Here is the history of the DOJ seal and motto from the DOJ Web site. It seems the best translation is "...who prosecutes on behalf of (Lady) justice", referring to the role of the attorney general. The problem arises because it is apparently not the best Latin (see footnote 1 of the link). Tarfu92 20:31, 31 January 2006 (UTC)

United States Department of Justice Beer Stein found in a California thrift shop. --Ryanrs 03:00, 18 January 2005 (UTC)

CUI can sometimes be written to mean QUI. Also a literal translation would be "who follows for justice as a mistress" since domina doesn't actually mean "lady" and both "domina" and "iustitia" are nouns.==

There is nothing wrong with translating "domina justitia" as "Lady Justice" - it's called apposition. The modern meaning of "lady" isn't intended here, but rather the medieval female equivalent to a "lord" (which is dominus). I won't immediately discount your statement that cui can be used for qui, but I have never seen it thus and have never heard anything like that. Cui, as it stands, means "to whom". It is nonsensical in this phrase without further context, and was probably an error. (talk) 14:44, 20 January 2012 (UTC)

Translation of the Seal[edit]

If you translate the seal, it means: "We Care About Illegal Immigrants, Not Taxpayers." Just kidding, of course, but that's what it could stand for these days. <


Does it need to be so big?Benny45boy (talk) 20:14, 25 March 2008 (UTC)


Where did the current list of duties come from? I was poking around on the DOJ's site and what might make more sense is to use their mission statement:

  • To enforce the law and defend the interests of the United States according to the law
  • To ensure public safety against threats foreign and domestic
  • To provide federal leadership in preventing and controlling crime
  • To seek just punishment for those guilty of unlawful behavior
  • To ensure fair and impartial administration of justice for all Americans.

I'm thinking that the current list may be the parsed text of one of the initial laws setting up the DOJ but I can't find it. -- atropos235 (blah blah, my past) 13:29, 19 April 2008 (UTC)

Bias in History section[edit]

The History section seems oddly biased. It starts out strong with the founding of the department, etc., then trails off into controversies of the last few years. A sentence about Fast and Furious seemly tacked on to the beginning of a paragraph about the limitations of the department. Yet, no mention of the US Attorneys firing scandal of 2006-7. A stand-alone sentence about shutting down poker websites. Odd, and needs a serious edit. (talk) 07:27, 28 March 2012 (UTC)

I find the edits of totally retracting nationally significant issues of bad faith acts of the Department of Justice specious. Being that I am in a battle with corruption at the Department of Justice (and my website was actually quoted in this thread for nearly a decade) - someone else needs to address this issue. It is inexplicable how a banter of bias on bad faith acts - "biasedly" removed all such references in total. Laserhaas (talk) 16:12, 5 May 2012 (UTC)

no section on alleged racial bias?[edit]

After watching holder's latest race hustling nonsnese, that will be changing as soon as I have more time. Whatzinaname (talk) 23:46, 15 July 2013 (UTC)

Breaking News[edit]

Breaking news! Tune into The news channels everyday for news updates. — Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 17:58, 22 April 2014 (UTC)