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Þæs ofereode, þisses swa mæg!

Beowulf.firstpage.jpeg This user is a poet from the Dark Ages, and many aspects of your modern world frighten and confuse him.

I was once a great poet among the Heodenings, until I was displaced and sent wandering by Heorrenda, a more skillful poet.[1] When my travels carry me into the more unfrequented regions of Wikipedia, I tend to putter about, making small emendations.

I also have an alternative (non-admin) account, Trout Slap Replica, for editing on non-secure computers.


  1. ^ With thanks (and apologies) to Saforrest, who wrote thus here.

Articles I've started (no doubt inadvisedly) on my travels[edit]

Stellate tchotchkes (and one codex)—just to show that they're appreciated[edit]