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Too gay-oriented[edit]

The article assumes that unregistered cohabitation in Israel is a gay issue. It's more of a religious issue. Israel doesn't have civil marriage. See "Freedom from Religion in Israel: Civil Marriages and Cohabitation of Jews Enter the Rabbinical Courts" [1], p.8: "According to the CBS data, in 2010 there were 66,000 cohabiting couples in Israel, 93 percent of which were Jewish. Israeli law recognizes cohabiting couples to an unusual degree. Reputed spouses (yedu’im be-tzibur) enjoy a wide array of rights, very close in scope to those enjoyed by married couples. The reputed spouses doctrine differs from the Anglo-American concept of common law marriage in the sense that the former is not a status. The Israeli Supreme Court has expressly stated that reputed spouse-ship is not common law marriage." --John Nagle (talk) 20:34, 6 March 2013 (UTC)