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Más fotos de ella en esta pagina por favor!!!

Biografía en español[edit]

Si es representante de la nación puertorriqueña, su biografía debería estar en español ¿no?

This is english wikipedia. All articles here will be written in the english language, another thing is for sure, looks like english wikipedia is more concerned about Puerto Rico's issues than spanish wikipedia.-- Puerto.rico 19:07, July 25 2006 (EST)

She denies having plastic surgery[edit]

Zuleyka in Japan[edit]

So Zuleyka has been in Japan for a few days now. However, there's been no word of how the trip is going or how the people there are receiving her. Have any of you heard anything?

Personal account[edit]

Zuleyka has another account that hse had before Miss Universe, however i think this information should be left out