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Awarded by Pakistan
Type Military Decoration
Eligibility Military only (Conferrable on all ranks)
Awarded for "... Gallant and distinguished service performed in combat..." [1]
Status Currently awarded
Post-nominals TJ
Established 16 March 1957[2]
Next (higher) (1) Nishan-i-Haider
(2) Hilal-i-Jurat
(3) Sitara-i-Jurat
Next (lower) Imtiazi Sanad

Tamgha-i-Jurat (Medal of Courage), is the fourth highest military award of Pakistan. It was established in 1957 after Pakistan became a Republic, however, it was instituted retrospectively back to 1947. It is awarded for gallantry or distinguished service in combat and can be bestowed upon non commissioned officers and other ranks in the Pakistan Army, Navy, Air Force, and various paramilitary forces under federal control such as the Frontier Corps, the Frontier Constabulary and the Pakistan Rangers.[2][3] Although ranked below the Sitara-i-Jurat on the order of precedence, the Tamgha-i-Jurat is in reality the NCO and other rank equivalent of it, as the Sitara-i-Jurat is only awarded to officers, junior commissioned officers and warrant officers. As such it may be considered equivalent to the Military Medal under the old Commonwealth honours system and the Silver Star in the United States honours system.[4]

List of Recipients[edit]

Pak Army

  • Khushi Muhammad TJ TK1 1965
  • Lance Naik Laal Hussain TJ 1965
  • Col Mirza Hassan Khan
  • Capt Sabir Shah TJ]]
  • N/Sub Ibarat Shah TJ, Northern Scout 1947
  • Havaldar Hukamdad Abbasi TJ
  • Lance Naik Shadab Wali Khan TJ, 39 Baloch 1971
  • Sep/Clk Muhammad Akbar TJ, 4 Punjab, 1971
  • Col/ Muhammad Saleem TJ
  • Maj/ Muhammad Iftikhar Ahmad TJ, 1971, Army Aviation, Choor Sector
  • Cap.Asfandyar Bukhari (Shaheed-e-Budbair 18,sep,2015) TJ 11-FF,2015–16
  • Captain Roohullah (Baloch Light Commando Battalion),Got Shahadat during militant attack on police recruits center Quetta
  • sep muhmad ghraz 6 NLI 1999

Pakistan Air Force

Posthumous 1965

  • Leading Aircraftman Muhammad Anwar Hussain Khan TJ

Gallantry 1965

  • Master Warrant Officer M Ashfaq TJ
  • Master Warrant Officer M Hafeez TJ
  • Corporal M Omer Ali TJ
  • Corporal Sher Mohammad TJ
  • Corporal Technician Ghulam Abbas TJ

Posthumous 1971

  • Flight Lieutenant Javed Iqbal TJ
  • Flight Lieutenant Syed Shahid Raza TJ

Gallantry 1971

  • Flight Lieutenant Ghulam Murtaza Malik (Shaheed)
  • Flight Lieutenant Taloot Mirza TJ
  • Flight Lieutenant Maqsood Amir TJ
  • Flight Lieutenant Javed Latif TJ
  • Flight Lieutenant Abdul Karim Bhatti TJ
  • Warrant Officer Abdul Haq TJ
  • Senior Technician Sajjad A Shah TJ
  • Senior Technician Asghar Ali TJ
  • Corporal Muhammad Ghazanfar TJ
  • Corporal M Afzal Abbasi TJ
  • Junior Technician Muhammad Latif TJ

Gallantry 2006

  • 2nd Lieutenant Imran Ahmed Khan TJ

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