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Subsidiary (of Dubai Holding)
Industry Hospitality, healthcare, finance and various real estate projects
Founded 2005
Defunct 2010 (2010)
Headquarters Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Area served
United Arab Emirates
Key people

Tatweer (Arabic: تطوير‎ "Development") was a member company and subsidiary of Dubai Holding, a Dubai-based holding company set up by the government of Dubai to manage its assets and investments. Tatweer was created to manage and develop a group of Dubai Holding's companies and projects that have interest in the healthcare, energy, tourism, entertainment and industrial sectors.


Tatweer was dissolved in early 2010 and most of its assets were transferred to TECOM Investments, a sister company of Tatweer also held by Dubai Holdings.

Tatweer's portfolio[edit]

Tatweer's portfolio was divided into three categories, listed below:[1]

Leisure and entertainment[edit]

Industry, knowledge, and real estate[edit]

Energy and healthcare[edit]


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