Tees–Wear derby

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Tees–Wear derby
Other namesWear-Tees derby, North East derby, A19 derby
LocaleNorth East
First meetingMiddlesbrough 2–2 Sunderland
1887–88 FA Cup
Third round
(26 November 1887)
Latest meetingMiddlesbrough 2–0 Sunderland
2017-18 FA Cup
(6 January 2018)
StadiumsStadium of Light (Sunderland)
Riverside Stadium (Middlesbrough)
Meetings total148
Most winsSunderland (61)
All-time seriesSunderland: 61
Drawn: 37
Middlesbrough: 50
Largest victoryMiddlesbrough 6–0 Sunderland
(28 March 1936)
Tees–Wear derby is located in England

The Tees–Wear derby is a football local derby contested between Middlesbrough F.C. and Sunderland A.F.C. who are separated by 2 rivers and 30 miles, in the North East of England. Historically this game would be considered the main regional rivalry for Middlesbrough, however it is viewed very much as secondary by those on Wearside, whose main derby match is the Tyne-Wear derby against Newcastle United. Broadly, Sunderland fans based in the City of Sunderland and further north towards Tyneside focus most of their attention on Newcastle. Middlesbrough are an afterthought in these areas primarily due to the increased distance from Teesside, and the lack of regular interaction with Teessiders. The rivalry of the Tees-Wear derby, however, is much more intense and evenly balanced in southern County Durham, where fans of both clubs live and work close together and interact regularly.

The rivalry intensified somewhat during the 1990s when the two teams spent a lot of their time at the top of Division 1, which resulted in clashes between sets of rival fans. Football related violence between the two sets of fans has reduced since Middlesbrough left Ayresome Park and Sunderland left Roker Park. This is in part due to the easier policing of matches at the new stadiums. However, heightened police presence is still required when the teams meet, as the fixture can lead to violent incidents between fans.[1] Sunderland regularly reduce Middlesbrough's away allocations due to safety concerns and previous bad behaviour.[2]

A Tees-Wear derby can also include matches between Sunderland and Hartlepool United.

In the 2008–09 Premier league season, the results were:

  • Sunderland 2–0 Middlesbrough
  • Middlesbrough 1–1 Sunderland

In 2011–12 the teams played in the FA Cup:

  • Sunderland 1–1 Middlesbrough 28 January 2012
  • Replay – Middlesbrough 1–2 Sunderland (AET) 8 February 2012.

In 2012–13 the teams played in the Football League Cup

  • Sunderland 0–1 Middlesbrough 30 October 2012[3]

In the 2016–17 Premier league season, the results were:

  • Sunderland 1–2 Middlesbrough
  • Middlesbrough 1–0 Sunderland

In the 2017–18 EFL Championship season, the results were:

  • Middlesbrough 1–0 Sunderland
  • Sunderland 3–3 Middlesbrough

In 2017–18 the teams played in the FA Cup

  • Middlesbrough 2–0 Sunderland 6 January 2018[4]

Summary of results[edit]

As of 4 January 2018

Games Sunderland wins Draws Middlesbrough wins Sunderland goals Middlesbrough goals
League 133 56 33 44 195 170
Cup 9 4 3 2 15 13
League Cup 6 1 1 4 3 8
Total 148 61 37 50 213 191


Table correct as of 4 January 2018
Team League FA Cup Football League Cup FA Community Shield Total
Sunderland 6 2 0 1 9
Middlesbrough 0 0 1 0 1

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