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State/provincial/local designations[edit]

Designation Bordered version Scope Count Valid <designation> values (Callnames)
New South Wales Heritage Register Australia - New South Wales  ???? New South Wales state heritage register; NSW state heritage register; New South Wales heritage register; NSW heritage register; NSW; NSW shr
Queensland Heritage Register Australia - Queensland 1692 Queensland Heritage Register; QHR
South Australian Heritage Register Australia - South Australia  ????

South Australian heritage register; SA heritage register; South Australia; SAHR

Tasmanian Heritage Register Australia - Tasmania  ????

Tasmanian heritage register; Tasmania; TASHR

Victorian Heritage Register Australia - Victoria  ????

Victorian heritage register; Victoria (Australia); VICHR

Western Australia Heritage Register Australia - Western Australia  ???? Western Australia state register of heritage places; WA state register of heritage places; WASRHP; Western Australia
Brisbane Heritage Register Australia 2309 Brisbane heritage register; Brisbane (Australia); BHR
Alberta Historic Resources Act Canada - Alberta  ??? Alberta Historic Resources Act; Alberta; AHRA
New Brunswick Heritage Conservation Act Canada - New Brunswick  ??? New Brunswick Heritage Conservation Act; New Brunswick; NBHCA
Nova Scotia Heritage Property Act Canada - Nova Scotia  ??? Nova Scotia Heritage Property Act; Nova Scotia; NSHPA
Ontario Heritage Act Canada - Ontario  ??? Ontario Heritage Act; Ontario
Prince Edward Island Heritage Place Canada - Prince Edward Island  ??? Prince Edward Island; PEI; Heritage Places Protection Act
Patrimoine culturel du Québec Canada - Quebec  ??? Repertoire du Patrimoine Culturel du Quebec; Quebec; Cultural Heritage Register of Quebec
Saskatchewan Heritage Property Act Canada - Saskatchewan 800+ Saskatchewan Heritage Property Act; Saskatchewan; SHPA
Declared Monument of Hong Kong ChinaHong Kong 92 Declared Monument of Hong Kong; Hong Kong Declared Monument; HK Declared Monument
Hong Kong Graded Building ChinaHong Kong 1154 Hong Kong Graded Building; HK Graded Building; Graded Building
Hong Kong Graded BuildingGrade I China - Hong Kong 212 Hong Kong Grade I Historic Building; Hong Kong Grade I; HK Grade I
Hong Kong Graded BuildingGrade II China - Hong Kong 366 Hong Kong Grade II Historic Building; Hong Kong Grade II; HK Grade II
Hong Kong Graded BuildingGrade III China - Hong Kong 576 Hong Kong Grade III Historic Building; Hong Kong Grade III; HK Grade III
Yangon City Landmark MyanmarYangon 188 Yangon City Heritage List; Yangon City Landmark; Yangon Landmark; Yangon City; Yangon