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Józefa Joteyko

  • ... that medical doctor and researcher, Józefa Joteyko became an advocate for the creation of special education courses and facilities in the Second Polish Republic? Source: "Her University of Paris MD [medical doctorate] was awarded in 1896";p. 108 "...she had more than a decade of advanced study and research experience behind her..." (ibid. p. 111) "Uważała, że dzieci upośledzone umysłowo, głuchonieme, niedowidzące powinny mieć zagwarantowaną edukację w specjalnie dla nich utworzonych placówkach szkolnych. Apelowała, aby przy szkołach tworzyć etaty dla psychologów, tak zatem dzisiejsze poradnie psychologiczno-pedagogiczne stanowią praktyczną realizację jej idei i dążeń" ["She believed that mentally retarded, deaf and visually impaired children should be guaranteed education in specially created school facilities. She appealed to create full-time positions for psychologists at schools, so today's psychological and pedagogical counseling centers are a practical implementation of her ideas and aspirations.p. 185
    • ALT1:... that Józefa Joteyko believed that wages should be based upon scientific research and the amount of effort required to do a job, rather than arbitrary factors like gender? Source: "Joteyko strongly supported scientific studies of labour." (p. 153) "...Joteyko argued that salaries should provide just compensation for workers' physical effort. Pay should be therefore grounded in 'energetic' laws...(ibid. p. 154) "During the war, Joteyko stressed, female factory workers successfully occupied male jobs but often received less than previous male incumbents. Such a disparity had no justification..." (ibid. p. 154)

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