That's Life (magazine)

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That's Life
Categories real life
Frequency Weekly
Total circulation
(June 2013)
Year founded 1995
Company Bauer
Country United Kingdom
Based in London
Language English

That's Life! is a British magazine aimed toward a young female demographic and specialises in gritty real-life stories contributed by its readers. The magazine is published in the UK and Ireland by H Bauer Publishing, whose other titles include Take a Break and Bella.[2][3] The headquarters of That's Life is in London.[4][5]

Magazine background[edit]

That's Life was established in 1995.[5] The magazine is published on a weekly basis.[2] In addition to real-life stories,[3] the magazine also includes weekly features such as 'Aren't Men Daft', for which readers send in examples of 'daft' behaviour by their male friends and relatives; lifestyle, health and beauty advice; 'tightwad tips' in which readers are invited to share their ideas for money-saving around the home and many other features relevant to a modern woman's lifestyle.

Jo Checkley served as the editor of That's Life until March 2010 and Sophie Hearsey assigned to the post in April 2010.[3][6]


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