The Brothers (New Zealand)

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The largest island, showing the lighthouse and associated outbuildings
The Brothers
The Brothers islands.jpg
The Brothers in a strong southerly
Coordinates 41°06′50″S 174°25′59″E / 41.114°S 174.433°E / -41.114; 174.433
Population 0

The Brothers is a group of small islands in Cook Strait, New Zealand, off the east coast of Arapaoa Island. It comprises two main islands and a number of smaller islets.

North Brother island in this small chain is a sanctuary for the rare reptile species, the Brothers Island tuatara and is the site of the Brothers Island Lighthouse. It is the type locality for a rare beetle, the Amychus granulatus, although it is possibly extinct there now.[1]

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Coordinates: 41°06′50″S 174°25′59″E / 41.114°S 174.433°E / -41.114; 174.433