The Complete Thief's Handbook

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The Complete Thief's Handbook
PHBR2 TSR2111 The Complete Thief's Handbook.jpg
Author John Nephew, Carl Sargent, and Douglas Niles
Genre Role-playing game
Publisher TSR
Publication date
Pages 128

The Complete Thief's Handbook is a supplemental rulebook published in 1989 for the 2nd edition of the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game.


The Complete Thief's Handbook is a rules supplement for the 2nd edition Player's Handbook which details the thief class.[1] The book includes rules for locks and traps, poisons, animal assistance, new proficiencies (skills), and special equipment; also covered are 18 "thief kits" (subclasses) such as the assassin, burglar, spy, and investigator.[1] This book includes guidelines for role-playing thieves of different races and backgrounds; how a thieves' guild works and how to design one; handling con jobs; and running a campaign for groups of thief characters.[1]

Also included is a section on creating a "Lone Wolf;" essentially a one-character class designed using the class creation rules in the Dungeon Master's Guide. A sample Lone Wolf character is included as a demonstration of the process.

Publication history[edit]

PHBR2 The Complete Thief's Handbook was written by John Nephew, Carl Sargent, and Douglas Niles, with illustrations by George Barr, and was published by TSR in 1990 as a 128-page book.[1]



  • Review: White Wolf #23 (1990)


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