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D&D Beyond
D&D Beyond logo
Screenshot of D&D Beyond's main page
Type of site
RPG Character creation
Available inMultilingual
Founder(s)Curse LLC
Alexa rankIncrease 1080 (US), 4901 (global)(December 2018)[1]
AdvertisingDirect and advertising networks
LaunchedAugust 15, 2017; 16 months ago (2017-08-15)[2]
Current statusActive
Content license
Media licensing varies
Written inPHP

D&D Beyond is the official online character-creation tool for Dungeons & Dragons fifth edition.[2][3] The site is free of charge, for profit, deriving its income from advertising, subscriptions and online content purchases. D&D Beyond is the only source for online versions of the official Dungeons & Dragons fifth edition books, including rulebooks, campaigns and guides. Its operator transitioned to Wikia from Curse LLC, a subsidiary to Twitch, when on December 12, 2018, Wikia announced that they had acquired Gamepedia.[4][5]


D&D Beyond was launched on August 15, 2017[2][6] after an initial beta to test which started on March 21, 2017.[6]

Acquisition by Wikia[edit]

On December 12, 2018, Wikia announced that it has acquired Curse LLC for an undisclosed amount.[4][5]


D&D Beyond has sponsored the entire of season 2 of Critical Role in which a advertisement has been made in each episode.[7] They have in return featured them frequently on their news and done special videos.[8] and articles on their homepage.[9]

One of the advertisements was so well received that it was commissioned by D&D beyond into an official intro video featuring the same song as in the advertisement sung by Sam Riegel.[10]


The content and character editor is primarily browser based, fully functional on both mobile and desktop browser with ongoing updates with input from the users and direct input from the Critical Role cast.[11]

On March 4, 2018 the mobile app of D&D Beyond was first released which contained all the rulebooks you had purchased and the basic players handbook.[12] [13] This is the only official app containing content for Dungeons & Dragons and the content can be downloaded offline. There is some criticism from the community that the app doesn't contain a character sheet or editor, which is one of the main offerings of D&D Beyond.[14]

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